3com 3C35210 100base TX Module

Status LEDs

Module Status

Status LED Name Color Description
PWR Power Green The module is receiving power.
INS Board Inserted Yellow The module is partially inserted.
ERR Board Error Yellow
Blinking Yellow
Module did not successfully complete power-up diagnostics.
A hardware/software incompatibility has occurred.
Port Status
Status LED Name Color Description
L Link Green The associated port is active.
E Error Yellow Error condition, or port disabled from Administration Console.
T Traffic Blinking Green The port is receiving or transmitting data.

3C35210 100base TX Module PCB

Level One LXT970 Datasheet Fast Ethernet Transceiver
bel S558-599-46 datasheet belfuse transformer
Sdt 71V016-S15PH datasheet 3.3V CMOS Static RAM 1 Meg (64K x 16-Bit)

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