4683 Planar

4683-001 Planar P/N 96X6352 or 74F4201

CD1-4 30-pin SIMMs MSC2304-15YS9A
CD6,18 ?
T1 ?
T2 ?
RR1 SDS DS4E-M-DC5V-H161 relay
ZM5 67X0749
ZM8 12.00MHz osc
ZM9 Intel A63652 MB
ZM10 67X0877
ZM17 63X4433
ZM18 74F4207 BIOS Odd
ZM23 74F4206 BIOS Even
ZM28 4425906
ZM32 Intel L8151074
ZM38 OKI 56X2302
ZM39 Hitachi TV A33285 / 8519356
ZM42 Intel L8220394
ZM54 Hitachi TV A33285 / 8519356
ZM58 SGS-Thompson MK48Z02B
ZM59 Intel L8271261
01,03 Motorola 383
02 NS +8818
04 Phillips 8816

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