7568 Mounting

Floor mount: Assemble the floor mount feature as shown below.
1 If wall/rack mount brackets are installed, remove them.
2.Move the terminal block from the side of the frame to the back.
3.Place the system unit on either side. Install one of the "floor stand legs" (1) using eight of the screws provided (assemble all screws approximately 3 to 5 turns during installation.) Do not install screws at the points labeled "A" at this time.
4.Place the system unit on its opposite side so that the installed floor stand leg is facing down.
5.Attach the support bars with threaded holes in each end (2) to locations labeled "A" in the remaining floor stand leg and install screws in each. (Install each support bar with the open side facing the base of the floor stand leg.)
6.Install the remaining floor stand leg using ALL screws (do not tighten.) Ensure that the bars fit into their proper locations on the first floor stand leg.
7.Place the system unit upright and install the remaining screws at locations "A" on the first floor stand leg (do not tighten.)
8.Install the front cover (3).
9.Install the lower rear cover (4) in the holes indicated in figure.
10.Attach the back cover (5) by inserting the back-cover tabs between the floor stand legs (1) and the system unit.
11. Allow the back cover (5) to rest on four screws that hold the floor stand legs (1).
12. Tighten all screws. DO NOT overtighten or damage to the system unit could result.
Note: At the bottom of each floor stand leg at locations "A" there are adjacent screw holes that are not used.

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