7568 System Resource Card Codes

SVAI Codes
Codes 7E or other than 00 Appear

  These appear during POST. Most are not errors, and will scroll right on by. Any errors will be preceeded and followed by a "EE"

CP   Description
00  Set system resource display to 00 (System ready for use)
01   80386 Processor test (Real Mode)
02   ROM Checksum Test 1 (Scroll error)
03   Verify planar Enable/Setup Latch (Scroll erro)
04   Verify planar POS register (Scroll Error)
05   Verify Card Enable/-Setup latch (Scroll error)
06   Verify and clear shutdown flag
07   Verify and clear shutdown flag (Scroll error)
08   DMA Initialization and channel register test (Scroll error)
09   Set DMA command
0A   Verify refresh is occuring
0B   KB controller interface test (Scroll error)
0C   Issue a reset to the KB controller
0D   Self test (KB controller)
0E   Write byte 0 of 8042 Memory (Scroll error)
0F   Fill memory with data
10   Get the input buffer (Switch settings)
11   Send offset to MFG port
12   Test protect mode registers (Scroll error)
13   Initialize the 8259 Interrupt #1 controller chip
14   Initialize the 8259 interrupt #2 controller chip
15   Set up the interrupt vectors to temporary interrupt
16   Establis BIOS subroutine call interrupt vectors
17   Verify CMOS checksum/battery OK
18   Clear CMOS diagnostic byte
19   Set defective battery flag if battery is low
1A   Ensure CMOS dividers set
1B   Set return address byte in CMOS
1C   Call the descriptor table builder (Scroll error)
1D   Protected mode test and memory size determination  (0->64K)
1E   Start storage size/clear
1F   Protected mode test and memory size determination (Above 1024K)
20   Memory checkpoint
21   Test address lines 19-31
22   Cause a shutdown
23   Return 1 from shutdown
24   Set equipment flag configuration from CMOS
25   Get the first self test results from keyboard

7E Appears on SRC double digit display
   Turn key to MAINT MODE. The error codes will scroll through the display. Note the codes for later reference. For a description, go to the SVAI CP MM table.

SVAI Stops with a Code other Than 7E or 00
   Note the error code. 

SVAI Checkpoint Codes while in MAINT MODE
D0   104 Error (Protected Mode Failure or 12901Error Cache Fail)
D1  109 Error (System Bus Error-Low Meg Chip Select Test)
D2  160 Error (Invalid ID)
D3  161 (Dead Battery)
D4  162 Error (Invalid Checksum)
D5  163 Error (Time/Date Not Set)
D6  164 Error (CMOS Does Not match Hardware)
D7  165 Error (Card ID Mismatch)
D8  166 Error (Card Busy Error)
D9  167 Error (Clock Not Updating)
Da  201 Error (Base 64K Memory Error)
DB  202 Error (Memory Line Error 0-15)
DC  203 Error (Memory Line Error 16-23)
DD  221 Error (ROM/RAM Remap Error)
DE  301 Error (Keyboard Error)
DF  302 Error (Keyboard Locked)
E0  First in a que of error codes scrolled at "F1" (Key=Maint Mode)
E1  303 Error (Keyboard/SRC Interface Error)
E2  304 Error (Keyboard Clock High)
E3  305 Error (No Keyboard +5v)
E4  601 Error (Diskette Drive or Controller Error)
E5  1101 Error (16450/16550 Async Chip Error)
E6  2401 Error (Planar video error)
E7  8601 Error (System Bus Error - 8042 Mouse Interface)
E8  8602 Error (Mouse Error)
E9  8603 Error (System Bus or Mouse Error)
EB  12902 Error (Cache Failure)

Run Time Error Codes
   If an error occurs during system operation, you will get a checkpoint code as follows:

CP Description Recommended Action
 C0  I/O Channel Check Power Off then On. If C0 appears, have system serviced.
 C1  Temperature Check System is overheated.Check filters.
 C2  Power Supply Check Low voltage on DC backup connector, battery or fan failure.
 C3  ECC Multibit Check Power Off then On. If C3 appears, have system serviced.
 C4  AC Power Check Momentary AC failure. Normal ops will continue.
 C5  Watchdog Timer Timeout Power Off then On. If C5 appears, have system serviced.
 C6  Arbitration Timeout Power Off then On. If C6 appears, have system serviced.

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