7694 Motion and Mechanics Module

If you have documentation or actual experience with the PSL, we would like to hear it.

"Home In On The Range" by Steve Ciarcia, Byte, Nov 1980. p32
"An Ultrasonic Measuring Tape" by Steve Ciarcia, Byte, Nov 1978. p114
"Ultrasonic Radar" by Ronald M. Jackson, Electronics Now, Sep 1993 pg 31-37, 86
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Modifying Sonar Ranging Modules from Late Model Autofocus Cameras - Jim Remington
Polaroid/Senscomp Sonar Ranging Primer (and others!) Acroname

614906 Polaroid Ranging Module used in SX-70 camera
TI SN28827 Sonar Ranging Module (1983, maybe even earlier...)
TL851 Sonar Ranging Control
TL852 Sonar Ranging Receiver

SensComp (bought Polaroid's 6500 stuff)
SensComp Ultrasonic Components   (includes the TL851 & TL852)
Ranging Transformer
Ranging Coil
420 kHz Ceramic Resonator (Murata)
Series 600 Instrument Grade Ultrasonic Sensors

Distance Probe w/Motion & Mechanics Module 57F7922 (M&M module) (yellow box)

The Distance Probe uses the same ultrasonic (sound) technology that Polaroid Cameras  use -  measure the time it takes to send out an ultrasonic pulse and wait for that sound wave to bounce off an object and return to the source. The Distance Probe has an accuracy of ± 7 mm over its entire temperature range (0 ºC to 52 ºC). The Probe range is 0.4 m to 10 m.

Distance Probe (De)struction

Snapped off one of the flat plate mounting flippers? from my distance probe. Upon further investigation, there are four latches in the square body that the tips were hot glued into place... Looks like early versions had four working latches which failed over time. This left the Distance Probe unable to fasten to a vertical plate, or whatever it was to attach to.

The ultrasonic / sonar transducer is unmarked. 36.88mm / 1.452" dia, 1.36mm / 0.055" thick.

Distance Probe Components

Just the Ultrasonic Transducer, a cable strain relief, a 1/8" mono jack, and the (brittle) black plastic case. But, there is a bright side. The Ultrasonic module is a Polaroid 6500, one of the most common robotic sensors in use today.

Motion & Mechanics Module Components

I don't have an M&M module, but since the Polaroid 6500 is the ONLY probe for this, my bet is that the M&M is based on the Polaroid Ultrasonic Ranging Module, -OR- the TI Ranging Module... (both use the Polaroid 6500 sensor)

Polaroid Ultrasonic Components Group OEM Product List

612366    7000 Transducer
604142    Transducer Instrument grade
607281    Environmental Transducer
607943    Environmental Housing
615077    6500 Ranging Board
614095    Coil for Ranging Board
614096    Transformer for Ranging Board
607220    Ceramic Resonator
604789    Cable Assembly
614904    Digital Chip TL851 (6" to 35')
614905    Polaroid Digital Chip (2'to 24')
614906    Polaroid Analog Chip

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