Model 76 - Common Parts

Bermuda vs. Lacuna Risers
9576 Case Stand

Bermuda vs. Lacuna Riser Card

If you think you can just drop a Lacuna into a Bermuda system, you are wrong. The riser cards have physically different edge contacts. Note the edge connectors.

Bermuda Riser FRU 87F4833 (more info HERE)

Note the "BVE" like connector at the left (rear) of the riser. As Bermudas do not have on-board video, the riser needs a BVE slot.

Lacuna Riser FRU 68G2706 (more info HERE)

Note the lack of a "BVE" connector on the Lacuna riser edge. It's not needed as the Base Video functionality is covered by the on-board video adapter.

9576 Case Stand

This is for all you long suffering (and unfortunately CPU starved) 9576 owners. But cheer up, there is hope. I had a CPU stand from a PC350 laying around. I looked at my 76. Looked at the hook arrangement on the stand. Tried it a few ways. Click! Click!

Please note that the stand is attached to the side of the system WITHOUT the power supply.

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