Models 76 and 77 - Common Devices

Types 9576 and 9577

76/77 Model Codes
76/77 i/s Model Codes
9577 Multimedia Model Features
9577S Multimedia Model Features

SCSI Controller Sets HD as 6,1 Instead of 6,0

9576 and 9577 Model Codes

Dxx Choice of OS
Kxx OS/2 2.1
Qxx DOS/Windows 3.1
1xx MM (Ultimedia)
xNx DX2-66 (5 V)
xUx SX-33 (5 V)
xxA 212MB SCSI
xx6 104MB SCSI
xxF 400MB SCSI

9577 Ultimedia Model Features

SCSI CD-ROM, M-Audio adapter/A, front mounted headphone & microphone jacks, a microphone, and volume control. PS/2 Ultimedia M77 usability features include the additional preinstallation of three independent operating environments -- OS/2 2.00.1 with MMPM/2, DOS 5.0 with ISO support, and Windows 3.1.

9576 and 9577 i/s Model Codes (thanks Oloruin)

Axx Lacuna, On-board IDE, built-in S3 video
Bxx Lacuna, Fast SCSI-2, built-in S3 video
Vxx Lacuna, SCSI FW, built-in S3 video, 16MB ECC
6xx MM w/DOS 6.3, Win 3.11
7xx MM w/OS/2 2.11
xNx DX2-66 (5 V), 128KB L2, 8MB Parity
xTx DX4-100 (3.45 V, VRM), 256KB L2, 8MB Parity
xUx SX-33 (5 V), 0KB L2, 8MB Parity
xxA 212MB SCSI
xxB 270MB SCSI,270MB IDE
xxG 540MB SCSI,527MB IDE
xx9 170MB IDE

Multimedia Model Features

Models: 9577-6NB, 6NG, 6TG, 7NB, 7NG, and 7TG

All the multimedia models include the following features:

  • Audiovation (TM) adapter
  • MediaBurst Movie adapter
  • Double-speed, multi-session CD-ROM drive
  • Microphone
  • Front-mounted headphone and microphone jacks

Not supported:

  • IBM PS/2 8514 Display Adapter/A (#4054, 1887972)
  • IBM PS/2 Micro Channel SCSI Adapter (#1005, 6451109)
  • IBM PS/2 Micro Channel SCSI Adapter with Cache (#1018, 6451110)
  • IBM Mwave WindSurfer-MCA Communication Adapter/A (#7058, 82G7058)

The IBM 1GB AT Hard Disk Drive (#2543, 70G8512) is supported with the following limitation: If you experience problems configuring this drive as the "master" with any other fixed disk drive in your system, reconfigure this drive as the "slave" drive.

Secured removable media via 2.88MB Electronic Eject Diskette Drive (optional).

PS/2 - 76/77 S Model Configures SCSI HD As 6,1


The 9576 or 9577 system configures the harddisk with a SCSI ID of 6,1 instead of 6,0. A POST error of 1047000 107 may also occur.

Problem Isolation Aids:

  1. This tip applies only if the 9576 or 9577 is a Model xUx, xNx,or xTx.
  2. This tip applies only if the unit is a 9576s, or 9577s.


  1. The problem is caused by a failing SCSI adapter. The SCSI adapter, FRU P/N 71G3576, should be replaced.
  2. If the symptom remains, utilize normal problem determination procedures to isolate the failing FRU or application.

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