PS2.EXE Utility

Troubleshooting w/ PS2.EXE

The PS2.EXE utility can be found on the L40SX reference disk (zipped image).


All feature items can be accessed either by entering commands or by running a batch file containing these commands. The following describes the commands.


PS2 option1 option2 (? or Help)


option 1 First Value Second Value
[SET] Audio ON | OFf
SET AUTo Battery | Performance
[SET] DISK XX minutes (0-20)
[SET] DISplay map * Color | Mono
[SET] Keyboard Click ON | OFf
[SET] Keyboard Speed Fast | Med | Slow
[SET] LCd XX minutes (0-20)
[SET] LCD | CRT *  
[SET] LOw battery alarm ON | OFf
SET MAnual 20 | 10 | 5
[SET] Modem OFf | On
[SET] Normal *  
[SET] Parallel OFf | ON
[SET] POwer off XX minutes (0-20)
[SET] Reversed *  
[SET] SERial OFf | On
[SET] SERial Adapter OFf | On

Note: When using any of these commands, type only highlighted letters in the above tables.

[SET], SET, and — in the left column of this table.

[SET] Indicates that you can omit the value, SET, for option1, If you specify SET, the command you enter is stored and remains in the computer memory even though the power, switch is turned off. If you do not specify SET, the command is no longer in effect when the power switch is turned off.

SET Indicates that you cannot omit the value, SET, for option1.

Indicates that you cannot specify the value, SET, for option 1.

* Indicates that this command is not supported in the OS/2 environment.


Command Meaning
PS2 Displays the Set Features Menu.
PS2 XXXX Shows the command syntax if XXXX is invalid.
PS2 ? All available commands are displayed using this command.
PS2 H Shows instructions on how to use the commands.
PS2 K S F Sets the highest keyboard speed.
PS2 SET LO OF Sets battery-low alarm off. This cmd is restored at next power up.
PS2 OF Enters Suspend Mode immediately.
PS2 ON 23:59:01 Returns to Resume Mode at 23:59:01.
Powers on Data/Fax (or PS2 M O)

Troubleshooting w/ PS2.EXE

Q. I can't seem to print anything.
A. Make sure your parallel port is turned on. Use PS2.EXE to check the status of your ports.

Q. My communication software to recognize my serial port (or internal fax/modem).
A. Make sure your serial port is turned on. Use PS2.EXE to check the status of your ports.

Q. I can't get my serial mouse to work.
A. Make sure your serial port is turned on. Use PS2.EXE to check the status of your ports.

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