Procom 55 SX Riser

@5108.ADF Procom Technology, Inc. PIRA 55

US5077683 Expansion slot adapter with embedded data device interface (ISA?) (Google Patents)

Procom 55 SX Pira Riser
Power Header Pinout
ADF Sections

Procom 55 SX Riser [P] [P]

Original image and Power pinout courtesy of Jerry Hogervorst

This puppy has an IDE controller built-in.

Power Header (P3)

-- Top of the riser --

AdapterID 5108 Procom Technology, Inc. PIRA 55

Adapter I/O Address Range
   I/O port address range of the adapter.
   <"1030h-1047h">, 3030h-3047h, 5030h-5047h, 7030h-7047h

Adapter Base Memory Address
   EPROM base memory address of the adapter.
   <"C8000h"  (C800-C9FF)>, CA00 (CA00-CBFF), CC00 (CC00-CDFF), CE000h (CE00-CFFF), D800 (D800-D9FF), DA00 (DA00-DBFF), DC00 (DC00-DDFF), DE00 (DE00-DFFF)

IRQ Level
   Interrupt Request Level for the adapter.
   <" IRQ 14">, 15, 10, 11

DMA Arbitration Level (Commented Out)
   The PIRA 55 uses the host DMA to transfer data.
     <"Level 5">, 6, 7, 0, 1, 3, 4

Fairness On/Off (Commented Out)
   The PIRA 55 adapter supports the Micro Channel Fairness feature.  When <ON>, the PIRA 55 will not participate in the next arbitration after the bus has been requested by another peripheral.  When <OFF>, the PIRA 55 will participate in all arbitrations.
     < "Fairness ON ">, Fairness OFF

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