Installing a U-bolt

Before you begin, make sure you have:

  • A 19 mm (3/4 in.) U-bolt or wire rope (similar to National Manufacturing No. 3230, STK No. 176-735)
  • A security cable
  • A lock, such as a combination lock or padlock
  • Read Electrical Safety and Handling Static-Sensitive Devices
  • Removed the server covers (see Preparing for the Installation)

1. Tilt out the power supply:
Caution! When you tilt out the power supply, do not let it drop. Personal injury or damage to the system may result.
   a. Disconnect the twisted power cables from the power supply.
   b. Unscrew spring-loaded power supply retaining knob until it releases.
   c. Place one hand on top of the server for support.
   d. Tilt out the power supply with the other hand. (Be sure power cord is removed from back of server before you try to tilt out the power supply.)

2. Install the U-bolt:
   a. Use screwdriver to remove the two plastic inserts from U-bolt opening in rear panel.
   b. Insert U-bolt through the holes and secure it in place with the nuts.

3. Reinstall the power supply:
   a. Move the cables out of the way.
   b. Tilt the power supply into the server.
   c. Press in the retaining knob and turn it to the right until it is tight.
   d. Reconnect the twisted power cables to the power supply.

4. Replace server covers and attach cables (see Opening the Case).

5. Insert the security cable through the U-bolt. Loop the cable around (or through) an object from which it cannot be removed; then, fasten the cable ends together with the lock.

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