Model 90 with Type 0 Complex

@FDDE.ADF IBM Enh. 80386 Memory Exp. Adapter w/ROM
CFDDE.ADF Init file for @FDDE.ADF

Type 0 Complex (general info)

Model 90 with Type 0
Weitek 3167 on Type 0
AdapterID DF9F Integrated Fixed Disk and Controller

Model 90 with Type 0

A good image showing the clean configuration. Planar XGA, 160 MB DBA-ESDI, 4x 2 MB 85 ns on one riser, 8 MB (4x 2 MB 80 ns) on 2-14 80386 Memory Adapter w/ROM. About the only thing missing is support for 8x 2 MB 85 ns on the risers. That would give us 16 MB with no need for a memory expansion adapter taking one slot...

This side view shows the DBA-ESDI edge connector seated into the planar socket. I do not know if the old style risers (with electrolytic caps between SIMMs) is the key to success, or if the new memory risers also work.

Total System Memory reports 16.0 MB installed, 15.6 MB Usable (includes memory adapter!)

Built In Features, Installed Memory reports 8.0MB (planar memory)

Usable System-Board Memory is "Parity"... I didn't know there was a choice...

Enhanced 80386 Memory Expansion Adapter w/ROM
   Installed Memory is 8.0 MB
   ROM Address DE000 - DFFFF....

And here is the 160MB DBA-ESDI, Integrated Fixed Disk and Controller.

Weitek 3167 on Type 0

Well, this proves the 3167 is socket compatible with the Type 0 complex FPU socket. Something I did not know.

3167 POST

3167 looks to be supported by the Type 0 complex.

Note: The 3167 is a single chip successor to the three-chip 1167 (163, 1164, 1165)
X1163 Databus
X1164 Multiply / Divide Unit
X1165 Arithmetic Unit

3167 Phong Shading Demo

AdapterID DF9F Integrated Fixed Disk and Controller (integrated into planar ADF)

DMA Arbitration Level
   DMA channel used to transfer data
      <"Level 5">, 6, 7, 0, 1, 3, 4

DMA Burst Pacing Interval
   Time interval between DMA transfer bursts during which the Micro Channel is released by the fixed disk controller for use by the processor.
      <24 Microseconds>, 31, 16, Burst Disabled"

DMA Pacing Control
   Enables or disables the DMA Burst Pacing Interval.
      <"Disabled">, Enabled

Time to Release
   Time the fixed disk controller keeps MC after being preempted. If 'DMA Pacing Control' is <Enabled>, Time to Release default is immediate. Normally, select <6 Microseconds>.
      <"6 Microseconds">,  3, Immediate

Fairness On/Off
   Bus Arbitration. Will adapter release control of MC bus after using it exclusively
      <"On">, Off

Primary/Alternate Port Addresses
   <Primary> or <Alternate> work equally well. If there are two integrated fixed disks, then select  <Primary> for one and <Alternate> for the other.
      <"Primary" (io 3510h-3517h)>, Alternate (3518-351f)

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