Problems Installing OS/2 on an IBM PS/2 9585 Computer

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Family: Operating Systems
Product: OS/2 (All Releases)
Release: 3.0
Last Updated: 01/21/1998


Problems Installing OS/2 on an IBM PS/2 9585 Computer


One of the following error messages is displayed at Diskette 1 while installing OS/2 on an IBM PS/2 9585 computer:

OS/2 Warp:

OS/2 is unable to operate your hard disk or diskette drive.

OS/2 2.x:

The system cannot find the file 'A:\COUNTRY.SYS'. The device
driver, program or data file is not located in the path or path
specified for it in the config.sys file. Install this file in
the correct directory, or correct the appropriate config.sys
file statement. The system is stopped. Correct the preceding
error and restart system.

The diskette-drive light stays on, and pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del has no effect. The system must be turned off and then turned back on.

Note: This problem is particularly troublesome because at the first sign of trouble during OS/2 installation, users remark-out (REM) all unneeded drivers in the CONFIG.SYS file; for example, BASEDEV=IBM1*.ADD. This should be a line of action because the PS/2 9585 is a Micro Channel system. However, if the statement BASEDEV=IBM1FLPY.ADD is remarked-out, OS/2 installation will fail with one of the above error messages.


Make sure the REM in front of BASEDEV=IBM1FLPY.ADD is removed in the CONFIG.SYS file. If the line was deleted, restore it. If there are no other problems, the installation will work.

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