ALR Files

Reference Disks MCA Setup Diskette v01.04.01A (obsolete) MCA Setup Diskette v01.05.00 (obsolete) MCA Setup Diskette v01.05.01 (obsolete) MC Systems Setup (PRD) Diskette v01.05.02 PRD Setup V1.05.03 for ALR MCA systems MCA Setup Diskette (obsolete)

mflx3300.exe MicroFlex 3300 Setup Diskette (self extracting) MicroFlex 7000 MCA Setup Diskette Microchannel System Setup Utility Version 1.03.09
pc4-ref.exe PowerCache 4 setup Diskette SlfEx (obsolete)
prd_08.exe ALR PRD Setup Utility Version 1.03.08 (obsolete)
prd_09.exe ALR PRD Setup Utility Version 1.03.09 (obsolete)

Utilities MCA CMOS erasing utility Driver to toggle speed of MCA system.
wdmcfmtp.exe WD Low-Level for 1006V-MC1/MCR
mc7fmtp.exe WD MCA Low-Level for 1007V-MC1 Utility to setup IBM SCSI on MPS

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