Qi 300 (Jupiter)

Product Code Description
JP40787 Qi 310 AWS
JP40789 Qi 330 (SEE JP 42314)
JP40790 Qi 350i
JP41831 Qi 330t
JP41832 Qi 350ti
JP42123 Qi 310 (AIC)
JP42124 Qi 330 (AIC)
JP42125 Qi 33Ot (AIC)
JP42126 Qi 350i (AIC)
JP42127 Qi 350ti (AIC)
JP42314 Qi 330
JP42316 Qi 330t
JP42616 Qi 330 (AIC)
JP43238 Qi 310 AWS E
JP43385 Qi 330
JP43386 Qi 330 (AIC)
JP43387 Qi 330t 49MB
JP43579 Qi PC 386SX 1MB E
JP43585 Qi PC (AIC)
JP44032 Qi 350i
JP44033 Qi 350i (AIC)
JP44034 Qi 350ti E
JP44583 Qi PC SF (AIC)
JP44584 Qi PC 2mb 65mb
JP44585 Qi PCi (SPECIAL)
JP44639 Qi 380i 2Mb 118Mb CUSTOM
JP44696 Qi PC 50MB 2MB (AIC)
JP44697 Qi PC 50MB 5MB (AIC)
JP44810 Qi PC 5mb 65mb
JP44942 Qi 380ti 2Mb 118Mb CUSTOM
JP44950 QI PC 1MB 118MB AIC
JP44962 Qi PC 5Mb 118Mb mouse EPO
JP44987 Qi PCt 2Mb 118Mb CUSTOM
JP45337 Qi PC 2Mb 80Mb SCSI (AIC)
JP45564 QI PCT 5MB/80MB
JP45604 Qi 350ti (CAA SPECIAL)
JP45605 Qi 310 (CAA SPECIAL)
JP45646 Qi 350ti E (AUSTRALIAN)
JP45648 Qi 310 E (AUSTRALIAN)
JP45783 Qi 380ti 3Mb 118Mb CUSTOM
JP46156 Qi 300-50 1MB/50MB SCSI
JP46158 Qi 300-100 1MB/100MB SCSI
JP46160 Qi 300e-50 1MB/Eth/50MB
JP46362 Qi 300e-100 1MB/Eth/100MB
JP46615 Qi 310 AWS F
JP46616 Qi PC 386SX 1Mb F
JP46617 Qi 350ti 2Mb F
JP46621 Qi 300-100 SCSI E QUOTEL
JP46622 Qi 300-100 SCSI F QUOTEL
JP46706 Qi 310 1Mb 110V CSA FCC
JP46937 Qi PC 100Mb (EPO SPECIAL)
JP47020 Qi386SX-16:INT/1/50 110V
JP47046 Qi386SX-16:5/100 CEBIT
JP47060 Qi386SX-16e:UK/1/0 E
JP47061 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/0/tr E
JP47062 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/50 E
JP47085 Qi386SX-16:INS/5/50 110V
JP47109 Qi 300 custom RFI Japan
JP47221 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/0 F
JP47222 Qi386SX-16e:UK/1/0 F
JP47223 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/0/tr F
JP47224 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/50 F
JP70052 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/100/t
JP70057 Qi386SX-16e:UK/3/200
JP70063 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/100
JP70067 Qi386SX-16e:UK/1/100
JP70068 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/50
JP70078 Qi386SX-16e:UK/3/100
JP70084 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/50/tr
JP70089 Qi386SX-16e:UK/2/50/t
JP70090 Qi386SX-16e:UK/1/0
JP70091 Qi386SX-16:UK/3/50
JP70092 Qi386SX-16:UK/5/200/t
JP70093 Qi386SX-16:UK/3/50/t
JP70113 Qi386SX-16e:UK/2/200
JP70116 Qi386SX-16:UK/5/100
JP70140 Qi386SX-16e:UK/5/50
JP70146 Qi386SX-16e:UK/5/100
JP70151 Qi386SX-16e:UK/2/50
JP70165 Qi386SX-16e:UK/5/0
JP70170 Qi386SX-16:UK/5/50
JP70174 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/50/t
JP70178 Qi386SX-16e:UK/3/50
JP70189 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/100
JP70196 Qi386SX-16:UK/3/100/t
JP70200 Qi386SX-16e:UK/1/50
JP70208 Qi386SX-16:UK/2/100
JP70209 Qi386SX-16:UK/2/50
JP70213 Qi386SX-16:UK/5/100/t
JP70214 Qi386SX-16:UK/3/50
JP70216 Qi386SX-16e:UK/3/50
JP70219 Qi386SX-16:UK/5/100
JP70221 Qi386SX-16:INT/3/50
JP70223 Qi386SX-16:UK/2/50
JP70227 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/0
JP70228 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/0
JP70233 Qi386SX-16e:UKS/2/50/t
JP70234 Qi386SX-16e:UKS/3/50/t
JP70235 Qi386SX-16:UKS/5/0
JP70240 Qi386SX-16e:UKS/5/0
JP70246 Qi386SX-16e:UK/5/100
JP70255 Qi386SX-16e:UK/2/50/t
JP70257 Qi386SX-16:INS/1/100
JP70258 Qi386SX-16:INS/1/50
JP70263 Qi386SX-16:UK/3/100/t
JP70264 Qi386SX-16:UK/3/0/t
JP70266 Qi386SX-16:UK/2/50/t
JP70269 Qi386SX-16e:UK/1/0
JP70271 Qi386SX-16:UK/5/50
JP70272 Qi386SX-16:UK/5/320
JP70275 Qi386SX-16eUK/5/320/t/tr
JP70279 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/200
JP70283 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/50/t
JP70285 Qi386SX-16:UK/2/50
JP70290 Qi386SX-16:UK/2/0
JP70292 Qi386SX-16:UK/3/50
JP70297 Qi386SX-16:UKS/5/0
JP70298 Qi386SX-16e:UKS/2/50/t
JP70303 Qi386SX-16:UK/2/100
JP70309 Qi386SX-16e:UK/5/100
JP70316 Qi386SX-16e:UK/2/100/t
JP70317 Qi386SX-16:UK/3/100
JP70321 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/100
JP70327 Qi386SX-16:UK/5/50/t
JP70336 Qi386SX-16:JAP/1/100
JP70337 Qi386SX-16:JAP/1/50
JP70338 Qi386SX-16e:UKS/5/50/t
JP70340 Qi386SX-16e:UKS/5/50
JP70341 Qi386SX-16:JAP/1/100
JP70342 Qi386SX-16:JAP/1/50
JP70345 Qi386SX-16e:UK/1/100
JP70351 Qi386SX-16:MEG/1/0
JP70354 Qi386SX-16e:UK/3/50
JP70355 Qi386SX-16e:UK/2/50
JP70362 Qi386SX-16:UK/5/100
JP70366 Qi386SX-16:UK/2/100
JP70372 Qi386SX-16:MEG/1/100
JP70379 Qi386SX-16:INS/5/50
JP70380 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/100/t
JP70385 Qi386SX-16e:UKS/5/0
JP70390 Qi386SX-16:UK/3/200/t
JP70402 Qi386SX-16e:UK/5/100
JP70403 Qi386SX-16:UK/3/200
JP70408 Qi386SX-16e:UK/1/50
JP70411 Qi386SX-16:UK/5/200
JP70419 Qi386SX-16e:UK/5/50
JP70423 Qi386SX-16e:UK/5/50/t
JP70424 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/100
JP70428 Qi386SX-16:UK/2/50/tr
JP70430 Qi386SX-16e:UK/5/100/t
JP70448 Qi386SX-16:UK/2/100/t
JP70456 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/50
JP70457 Qi386SX-16e:UK/2/100
JP70460 Qi386SX-16e:UK/1/100/t
JP70462 Qi386SX-16:UK/3/50/tr
JP70469 Qi386SX-16:UK/5/50
JP70470 Qi386SX-16e:UK/5/50
JP70476 Qi386SX-16:UK/5/50
JP70480 Qi386SX-16e:UKS/2/0
JP70485 Qi386SX-16e:UK/5/200
JP70493 Qi386SX-16:UK/5/200/t
JP70522 Qi386SX-16:MEG/1/50
JP70544 Qi386SX-16e:UK/2/200
JP70561 Qi386SX-16e:UK/3/100/t
JP70562 Qi386SX-16:UK/5/100/t
JP70577 Qi386SX-16e:UK/2/50
JP70585 Qi386SX-16:UK/5/100
JP70588 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/50
JP70602 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/50/t
JP70604 Qi386SX-16e:UK/1/50
JP70611 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/100
JP70624 Qi386SX-16:UK/3/50
JP70633 Qi386SX-16:UK/3/100
JP70636 Qi386SX-16:UK/2/50
JP70637 Qi386SX-16:UK/5/320
JP70638 Qi386SX-16:UK/5/380
JP70639 Qi386SX-16:UK/2/100
JP70647 Qi386SX-16e:UK/2/100
JP70650 Qi386SX-16e:UK/1/50/t
JP70652 Qi386SX-16:JAP/1/50
JP70658 Qi386SX-16e:UK/3/100/t
JP70660 Qi386SX-16e:UK/3/50/t
JP70664 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/200/t
JP70665 Qi386SX-16e:UK/1/100/t
JP70667 Qi386SX-16:UK/5/100/t
JP70682 Qi386SX-16:MEG
JP70703 Qi386SX-16e:UK/5/0
JP70704 Qi386SX-16e:UK/5/200
JP70706 Qi386SX-16e:UK/5/0
JP70707 Qi386SX-16e:UK/5/200
JP70708 Qi386SX-16e:UK/1/50
JP70709 Qi386SX-16:UK/+4/200
JP70711 Qi386SX-16e:UK/1/0/t
JP70714 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/100
JP70719 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+4/0
JP70720 Qi386SX-16:UK/+4/200
JP70721 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+4/200
JP70724 Qi386SX-16:UK/3/50
JP70728 Qi386SX-16:UK/+4/50
JP70730 Qi386SX-16e:UK/3/50
JP70737 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+2/50
JP70744 Qi386SX-16:UK/+4/50/t
JP70745 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/50/t
JP70760 Qi386SX-16e:UK/1/0
JP70761 Qi386SX-16e:UK/1/50/t
JP70764 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+4/100/t
JP70769 Qi386SX-16:UK/+4/100
JP70772 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+2/100/t
JP70777 Qi386SX-16:UK/+2/100
JP70792 Qi386SX-16:UK/+4/200/t
JP70795 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+2/100
JP70804 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+2/50/t
JP70807 Qi386SX-16:UK/+2/50
JP70811 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+2/50/t
JP70825 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+4/50/t
JP70829 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+4/50/t
JP70831 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/0
JP70858 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+4/200/t
JP70860 Qi386SX-16:UK/+4/100/t
JP70879 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+4/200
JP70893 Qi386SX-16:UK/1/380
JP70905 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+4/50/tr
JP70917 Qi386SX-16:UK/+4/50
JP70919 Qi386SX-16e:UK/1/200/t
JP70927 Qi386SX-16:UK/+4/100/t
JP70961 Qi386SX-16:UK/+2/50/t
JP70981 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+4/50
JP70997 Qi386SX-16:UK/+4/100
JP70998 Qi386SX-16:UK/+4/100/t
JP71001 Qi386SX-16:UK/+1/100/t
JP71011 Qi386SX-16:UK/+4/200
JP71012 Qi386SX-16:UK/+4/100/t
JP71041 Qi386SX-16:UK/+2/100
JP71063 Qi386SX-16:UK/+2/50/t
JP71065 Qi386SX-16:UK/+1/50/t
JP71101 Qi386SX-16:UK/+4/100
JP71106 Qi386SX-16:UK/+4/100
JP71114 Qi386SX-16:UK/+2/50
JP71118 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+1/100
JP71142 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+4/380
JP71148 Qi386SX-16e:UKS/+4/50/t
JP71161 Qi386SX-16:UK/+4/0
JP71187 Qi386SX-16:UK/+1/100
JP71188 Qi386SX-16:UK/+1/50
JP71209 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+4/380
JP71210 Qi386SX-16e:UKS/+4/50/t
JP71233 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+4/100
JP71262 Qi386SX-16e:UK/1/0
JP71298 Qi386SX-16e:UKS/+4/0
JP71624 Qi386SX-16e:UKS/+4/0
JP71625 Qi386SX-16e:UKS/+4/50
JP71628 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+4/50/t
JP71629 Qi386SX-16e:UK/+4/0
JP71674 Qi386SX-16e:UKS/+2/50/t
JP71730 Qi386SX-16e:UKS/+4/50/t
JP71856 Qi386SX-16e:UKS/1/50
JP72022 Qi386SX-16e:UKS/+4/100/t
JP26 Qi 350v 1MB CPU
JP27 Qi 350v 386SX 1MB PAPER WHITE
JP28 Qi 350v 386SX 1MB COLOUR MON.
JP29 Qi 350v 1MB VGA PW OS/2 ENVIR
JP30 Qi 350v 1MB COL VGA OS/2 ENVI.

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