FTs Dual Processor
(Scorpion Rev E + Voyager)

Product Code Description
TD48642 FTs486-25:UK/1/fdd/dp UPG
TD70500 FTs486-25:UK/dp/16/350
TD70511 FTs486-25:UK/dp/16/350/tr
TD70512 FTs486-25:UK/dp/16/350/350/tr
TD70514 FTs486-25:INT/dp/16/1050/1050
TD70523 FTs486-25:US/dp/16/1050/1050
TD70553 FTs486-25:UK/dp/16/650
TD70565 FTs486-25:UK/dp/16/350
TD70601 FTs486-25:UK/dp/12/tr
TD70620 FTs486-25:UK/dp/4
TD70657 FTs486-25:UK/dp/16/1050
TD70801 FTs486-25:UK/dp/16/350
TD70943 FTs486-25:UK/dp/16/1050
TD70971 FTs486-25:UK/dp/16/350/UN
TD70990 FTs486-25:UK/dp/16/1050
TD71004 FTs486-25:UK/dp/16/510
TD71028 FTs486-25:UK/dp/4/350
TD71248 FTs486-25:UK/dp/16/1050

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