Apricot Qi 486

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QP - Add-on Installation Guide
QF - Add-on Installation Guide

Disk Drives
Ethernet Options
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Rear Panel
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Information sourced from Mitsubishi Electric's Insight CD pages.


Qi 486 was the last generation of the Qi series of Micro Channel Architecture desktop systems and utilises the Panther motherboard.

Bus Architecture MCA
Processor Intel 80486SX-25
Intel 80486DX-25
Intel 80486DX-33
Intel 80486DX2-50
Intel 80486DX2-66
Video EVGA Onboard
Memory 1 MB to 16 MB Using SIMMs
Floppy Disk Drive 3.5" Internal
Hard Disk Drive 100 MB to 380 MB (SCSI)
Networking Via Expansion Card
Security Onboard
Expansion Options 3x or 4x 16-bit slots
2x 32-Bit slots
External 5.25" Floppy
120 MB Internal Tape Drive

Disk Drives

Hard Disk Drives

MB Make Model Type Part Number
50 Quantum LPS52S SCSI 14588431
100 Quantum LPS105S SCSI 14588331
200 Maxtor LXT-213SY SCSI 14881831
380 IBM 0661 SCSI 14770431

Tape Drives

MB Make Model Type Part Number
120 Irwin 3.5" XB45915

Floppy Drives

MB Make Model Type Part Number
2 MB 3.5"

Ethernet Options

3Com 32 bit bus master Ethernet card, thin/thick wire (3C527B) XB50379
3Com 16 bit Ethernet card, thin/thick wire (3C523B) XB48125
3Com 16 bit Ethernet card, UTP/thick wire (3C523B-TP) XB48127
IBM Token Ring 4/16Mb/s LAN card (25F9528) XB49546

Additional Options

Apricot LOC Technology security.
Co - Processor
486SX 80487SX-25 XB48848

Rear Panel

Product Code Prefix

QP (Panther Rev D)
QF (Panther Rev F)

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