Qi 900 BIOS Revision Summary

Information sourced from Mitsubishi Electric's Insight CD page (rev. 1.1.10).

Release Date Changes
1.02.18 1/8/90 Corrected delay so that it only happens on cold boot. 'Sizing memory' message is not shown when no delay is used. Delay is not affected by split ram extended/shadow info in CMOS.

1st DMA controller test moved to after master-clear command. Now the DMA controller's get reset. This fixes 2nd DMA test failure after CTRL-ALT-DEL'ing a Qi 900 whilst it is still booting from a floppy (DMA was still happening during the test).

Also fixes POST error 164 problems on 4 MB systems with Split RAM set to Extended.

Corrected Security expiry date calculation in ChangePswd routine, was only doing an 8 bit BCD conversion, now does 16.
1.02.19 10/8/90 New patch to test video mem size on boot up as OS/2 does not do a hi res. mode set and therefore video size is incorrect. Also initialises h/w cursor palette colours as the hi res. drivers don't do this and it used to come up in random colours.
1.02.20 28/8/90 Used to save all extended 452 regs which restored some to the wrong state in Windows 286/386. This is now removed.

Removed mod which moved external memory set-up back to its original place after video set-up. This fixes IBM 3270 card (gave 'system board failure' on Qi 900) and Overlan tape card (m/c hangs when accessing floppy before the card has been referenced).
1.02.25I 6/9/92 OS/2 Keyboard fixes (extra calls to WFIBE in KEYBRD.ASM)

IBM SCSI card fixes (move Apricot extended CMOS info from 500 to 300h and change ABIOS DMA table entry from FFFF to 0005)

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