VX FT MkI BIOS Revision Summary

Information sourced from Mitsubishi Electric's Insight CD page (rev. 1.1.11).

Release Date Changes
1.02.12 29/5/89 ABIOS request block sizes corrected, serial size was too small and could have caused errors with ABIOS CMOS status check routines corrected to return valid battery state.
1.02.13 3/8/89 Screen now cleared on VX FT Server before security box displayed. Pointing device presence bit now correctly set - was being set id CMOS bit set, now only set if actually present. Corrects problems with Windows.

Qi 300 build now uses CR0 to get out of protected mode, this cures the ACAD cursor problem as port 92 method causes reset of the 387 as well.

Qi 600/VX FT now uses switch 6 to specify whether paging is enabled or disabled in memory config. Cures lots of UNIX/XENIX problems with parity errors.
1.02.14 22/9/89 VX FT - Cache enable bits inverted to comply with B3 stepping of the 486.
1.02.15 11/12/89 Changed sync polarities for dual sync Sony to both positive and also changed horizontal sync position to move the picture to centre of screen. Added the code for second processor start-up in VX FT models. Added Imprimis 66.5MB drive as type 40. Removed RLL Toshiba. Added dual boot facility added to all MCA machines. This is mainly to cater for Western Digital Ethernet remote boot. Init. 128 bits of memory before we read it, this stops NMI parity errors on 486 hypercache systems. Hypertec memory board in particular.
1.02.16 7/2/90 Corrected dual processor start-up for prom card.
Deleted VX FT checking on keycard logon time-out on machines other than VX FT.
1-02-21 30/4/93 IBM SCSI - Moved Apricot extended CMOS information from 0500 to 0300H, and changed ABIOS DMA table entry from 0FFFF to 00005H. OS/2 Remote Access Service - implemented new 'SERIAL.ASM' from Phoenix.

OS/2 'Mad' or, as IBM refer to it, 'Wild' mouse - include an extra call to 'wfibe' (Wait for input buffer empty) in 'KEYBRD.ASM'.
Relocated Petrel / ESDI BIOS from 0E000:08000H to 0E000:0C000H to make room for a larger BIOS.

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