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@583B.ADF "Perkin Elmer Transputer card"

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SYS 2000 SingleT4
ADF Sections

SYS 2000 PS2 SingleT4 4MEG

D3 Red LED
D4 Green LED
O1 20.0 MHz osc
PL68 Ribbon cable connector
SK1 LEMO connector
SK2 LEMO connector
SK3 LEMO connector
X3 EPB2001LC
X6 Altera 28 pin PLCC
X37 Dallas DS2009
ZIPPs Same as XGA. Upper bank empty

Ram said:
   The board is a standard B004-based transputer board and is compatible with just about every software that is on the website. These do not use BNC connectors, but LEMO connectors. The actual LEMO connectors that are used are: FGG.1B.308 CNAD72

AdapterId 0583Bh AdapterName "Perkin Elmer Transputer card"

;EPB2001 Interface adapter for single transputer board

Adapter io address range
   The Transputer card occupies 20 locations in the I/O addresses space, starting at one of eight base addresses. Conflicting assignments must be changed before using the adapter.
    <"0150 to 0163 hex">,01D0 to 01E3, 0200 to 0213, 02D0 to 02E3, 0300 to 0313, 1810 to 1823, 71C0 to 71D3, 8900 to 8913

Link speeds to optics and PS/2
   The link speed to the optics module must be the same as the setting in the optics box. Slower speeds need only be selected if the higher speeds are unreliable.
    <"10 MHz, 10 MHz">, (10 MHz, 20 MHz), (5 MHz, 10 MHz)

Speed C pin (EPB2001 pin 37)
   Reserved for future expansion. Either setting may be chosen
    <"High">, Low 

Reset,Analyse and Error
   These signals control the transputer. The external option would only be selected when using another computer as a host, typically in a large network.
    <"Controlled by PS/2    ">, Controlled externally

Arbitration Level for DMA transfers
   This assignment need only be changed if it is in conflict with another assignment. Note: Level 6 is the usual setting and hence appears first on the list.
    <"Level_6">, 1, 7, 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Arbitration method
   You should have a really good reason for choosing linear arbitration. Please refer to the IBM reference manual on the Micro channel interface for more information. Note: ;pos[3] bit 7 is set to clear the channel check signal
    <"Fair   ">, Linear

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