IBM 386DX Processors

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Known Parts

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IBM was helping Intel (and themselves, because it only alleviated Intel not needing to supply CPUs for some Model 70 and 80 systems) with the production of the 386DX processors — mostly at a time of the 20 and 25 MHz rated parts.

Because the CPU Reset Signatures match the Intel versions (including the only 0304h signature I have ever seen; I don't believe that Intel had identified that level in their datasheet information either), IBM likely used Intel's masks as-is.

Known Parts

23F7189CPUID 0304h (C Step)16 or 20 MHz?
51F1783likely a CPUID 0304h (C Step) or (Step D0)?16 or 20 MHz?
51F1784likely a CPUID 0305h (D0 Step)20 MHz
51F0352an unknown stepping20 MHz
32G3366an unknown stepping25 MHz
51F1797CPUID 0305h (D0 Step)25 MHz
63F7615CPUID 0305h (D0 Step)25 MHz

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