Content Engine Network Module

Cisco 2600/3600/3700 Series Content Engine Modules
Cisco 2600/2800/3600/3700/3800 Series Content Engine Module
Cisco ACNS Content Engines
NM-CE-BP-40G-K9, -80G-K9, and -SCSI-K9 Documentation Roadmap
Connecting Cisco Content Engine Network Modules to the Network
Installing SODIMM Memory Modules in Cisco NMs for Caching and Content Delivery

73-7779-04 B0

J1 PCI riser port
J2 Riser for HD daughtercard
J6 8 pin header for USB?
J9 10 pin header for?
J10 2 port USB
J11 Fast Ethernet TX
J12 40 pin riser to IDE drive
P2 Compact Flash header
U2,5 intel GD82559
U12 AMD AM29F400BT-70
U13 intel E28F128
U14 intel FW82443BX
U15 intel 7533B53 500/256 Mobile PIII
U17 intel GD82559
U19 intel FW82371EB
U20 Cypress CY2280PVC-11S
Y1 R143ZYA5P osc
Y2 25.000 MHz osc
Y3 32.768 kHz osc
Y4 25.000000 osc
Reverse SMSC FDC37M707

NM-CE-BP-40G-K9(=) Basic performance, 40-GB IDE hard disk
NM-CE-BP-80G-K9(=) Basic performance, 80-GB IDE hard disk: ACNS 5.1 and later
NM-CE-BP-SCSI(=) Basic performance, SCSI controller (for external SCSI disk array)
   EM-CE-SCSI= Expansion module, SCSI controller, field upgrade

P2 CompactFlash header, can take the MEM-256CF-5.1-K9= 256 MB CF with Cisco ACNS v5.1 recovery image

J10 Accepts two SDRAM, max 512MB
Mine came with 2 PC133S-333-542-Z, 256MB, Synch, 133MHz, CL3 installed.

J11 Non-functioning USB port
Note Some early Content Engine network modules have an inactive USB port on the faceplate. This USB port has been removed in later Content Engine network modules.

NM-CE-BP-SCSI To connect a Content Engine network module with a SCSI controller expansion module to an external storage array, use a 68-pin, low-voltage differential (LVD) SCSI cable. Connect the cable to the SCSI port on the network module to the SCSI port on the external Cisco storage array.

Content Engine Network Module LEDs

All Content Engine network modules have an enable (EN) LED. This LED indicates that the module has passed its self-tests and is available to the router.

Content Engine network modules also display an additional power (PWR) LED and a CompactFlash (CF) LED on the faceplate, and two additional LEDs for the Fast Ethernet port.

Image Copyright © 2004 Cisco Systems, Inc.

LED Meaning
ACT: There is activity on the Fast Ethernet connection.
CF: The compact flash module is active.
DISK: There is activity on the 40- or 80-GB disk expansion module hard drive.

Note The faceplate for the Content Engine network module with SCSI controller expansion module also displays the disk LED, but the LED is not active.
EN: The module has passed self-test and is available to the router.
LINK: The Fast Ethernet connection is available to the network module.
PWR: Power is available to the network module.

Hardware Architecture

The Cisco ACNS Software runs in a separate processor on the Cisco 2600/3600/3700 Series Content Engine Module. The Cisco ACNS Software communicates to the Cisco IOS Software in the router through the internal Fast Ethernet interface, and the internal Cisco ACNS console. The Cisco IOS Software can establish a console session on the Cisco ACNS console via the service-module content-engine <slot>/0 session command. Content engine status is available with the Cisco IOS Software service-module content-engine <slot>/0 status command.

CENM Architecture

Image Copyright © 2004 Cisco Systems, Inc.

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