DEC VNswitch 900 100baseT PCB

EK-MBITM-IM 100 Mb/s Fast Ethernet Modular Media Interface Cards Installation

Note: There are NO component IDs on the board. If you disagree with my arbitrary naming, by all means, share the documentation that you are using! Tell Us!

Fast Ethernet Port Subsystem
The Fast Ethernet port subsystem, shown in Figure 3-3, includes two SEEQ 10/100 EtherMACs tied to external FIFOs and controlled by a Xilinx FPGA and PALS. Each SEEQ MAC attaches to an MMI connector through its MII interface. The MMI connector supports a set of modules that provide fiber and UTP connections.

VNswitch Fast Ethernet 100base T Board, Top 54-24839 / 1R70503523 (L1)

IDT 723641
Port A
Port B
Xilinx XC4005C
Y1 27.0000 MHz osc

IDT 723641L20PQF CMOS SyncFIFO 1Kx36 datasheet

VNswitch Fast Ethernet 100base T Board, Bottom

Grounding Fingers
SEEQ QQ80C330 Hurricane

SEEQ QQ80C330 FDX CMOS Ethernet 10/100 Mb/Sec Data Link Controller datasheet

DEXYU-AA 100baseTX MMI 54-24841 (L1) / 1R74612300

83223 Network Transceiver
83840 Ethernet PhyLayer
P1 RJ45

Not totally sure on the HALO matching transformer, the sticker peeled up most of the lettering, and I had to try reading the lettering backwards. Sorry...

83223 DP83223 TWISTER High Speed Networking Transceiver Device datasheet
83840 DP83840A 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet Physical Layer datasheet
QS3257 Quickswitch High-Speed CMOS Quad 2:1 MUX/DEMUX datasheet

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