EK-DEF1H-IN. A01 DEChub ONE-MX Installation Nov 1994

DEChub One-MX 54-22859 "High End Docking Station"

D2 Redundant Pwr / Main DC OK LED
F1 Fuse
J1 9-pin OBM Port
J2 Ethernet AUI Port
J3 48-pin backplane connector
J4 160-pin backplane connector
J5 Headers for side fans
J6 Setup Port Connector
J10 Optical Bypass Relay
J101 AC Power Connector
Port A FDDI A Port
Port B FDDI B Port

DECHub One MX Rear Ports

1 - AC Power Connector
2 - Redundant Power Present LED
3 - Main DC OK LED
4 - Redundant Power Connector
5 - Ethernet AUI Port
6 - Setup Port Connector
7 - 9-pin OBM Port Connector
8 - OBM Port LED
9 - Optical Bypass Relay (6-pin MJ)
10 - FDDI A Port
11 - FDDI B Port

DECHub One-MX Front Ports

1 - Locking tab
2 - 48-pin backplane connector
3 - Manufacturing label
4 - Grounding strip
5 - 160-pin backplane connector
6 - Mounting slot

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