POS System

  As IBM had put power also into the field of POS very well, also in PS/55 of MCA,
  the adapter existed.
  I want to explain a multi-station generation's POS system.

 4680 Store System
 4692 POS Workstation

 4680 Store System

4680 Store System

    This is the system which combined the POS terminal and the multi-station as
    a controller.
    However, it is not the usual multi-station. It is the machine of exclusive use of
    the name of a 4681 Store controler.

4680 System

    The upper figure is a composition figure of a system.
    It is the features to have loop type topology and that there are two controlers
    and backup is taken automatically.

    A network is called a store loop. Speed is 38.4KBPS.

    As for between Controlers, synchronous processing is always taken.
    Even if an obstacle occurs in one set, it can work normally  at one set.
    At the time of recovery, a synchronization is automatically restarted by
    automatic recovery processing.

    In addition, if PS/55 are connectable as a terminal, it has become.
    However, it is not known what kind of adapter and software were required for.

  4681 Store controler
    Appearance is a multi-station as it is. It is thought that 5560 is  probably
    a prototype.

Store Contorer
Memory  2.6MB  (type A01/B02)
                2.6MB - 13.6MB (type B03/C03)
Diskette  1.2MB
Disk        20MB (type A01)
                40MB (type B02/B03)
                70MB (type C03)
Store Loop Adapter (MAX 2)
Transfer rate 38.4KBPS
Terminal      MAX 64 Terminals / Store Loop
                     (IBM4682, 4692, PS/55)
Host Comunication Adapter(SDLC)
Transfer rate 9,600BPS
Transfer rate 2,400BPS
Store Controler Communication
Transfer rate 187.5KBPS
Store Controler Communication
Length 3.0m
Asynchronous Communication
Adapter (RS-232C)
Transfer rate 2,400BPS
5556-001 / P01
Multi-item input keyboard (for 4681)
10Key                            11Keys
Function Key                 61Keys
Item Key                        160Items / Page
Pages                           20Pages          
Page Collection Key   20Keys
5555-B01 / B05 / B06
Printers for PS/55

    A multi-item input keyboard is a keyboard which can be inputted now by
    one-touch by registering a brand name and a unit price into a touch-type

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 4692 POS Workstation

4692 image

    Although it can consider only by seeing a photograph at least in the POS terminal
    where a screen is large,
    it is not the machine of only that as the name of a "workstation".
    It is the POS terminal which can be used also as a personal computer in fact.

    Since CPU is not known, it does not turn out that the personal computer used as
    a base says which model it is.

    In spite of being a screen of 9 inches, it seems to be that a 24-dot display is

    When using it as a personal computer, the cover put upwards stuck so that it might
    not waver by the keyboard.

    However, since a keyboard layout completely differs from usual, troubles are likely
    to be suffered when using it.

4692 keyboard

    Since various options are attached, it is not troubled by the time of use as a usual
    personal computer.

    The thing with many options of a communication system thinks that it is a reason
    that it is a POS terminal.

    If the photograph which attached the option is seen, it will be convinced that it is
    the personal computer which can be used as a POS terminal.

4692 and options

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