Kingston KTM-16000/386


@70D0.ADF Kingston KTM-16000/386 Memory Expansion Adapter
C70D0.ADF Init file for @70D0.ADF

KTM-3011 and KTM-3077

KTM-16000/386 [P] [P]

P1-4 72-pin SIMM sockets
U8 Dallas DS1000S-75 Delay Line
U9 Kingston 1110085 HG62F22R77FH
U11 Kingston 1110009 4L01F1069

KTM-3011 and KTM-3077

The KTM-8000 and KTM-16000 adapters were available as P/N KTM-3011-n or KTM-3077-n, where n indicates total capacity of the pre-installed SIMMs.

IBM 2-16MB MCA Expansion Board KTM3077-2 (34F3077)
IBM 4/8-16MB MCA Expansion Board KTM3011/4 (34F3011)

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