Figuring out your needs, and choosing a kernel

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There is a few things to consider, before you download one of the kernels below:

Size. Be sure not to pick a kernel too large to fit with the rest on the diskette. This can of course be tricky, if you don't have a filelist.

Devicedrivers. At least you harddiskcontroller should be supported.

Kernel version. It is always a good idea to go for a version matching the one used by your distro. On the other hand, the latest devicedriver for ibm scsi is in 2.2.18. If you plan to do serious networking, it is a good idea to go above 2.0.x. Masquerading and firewalling using *ipchains*, requires a 2.2.x.

Your call.

Warning! File extensions are *.exe, to force your browser to treat the file as a binary, and not a text file that could be corrupted during download. Use right-click and save-as. When download is completed, rename the file to vmlinuz, before transfer to your Linux system.

KernelDistro Devices supported
2.2.18N/A 603KB State of the art. Latest 3.2 ibmmca scsi. Built in D-Link DE-320CT. (+3C529 and 3C523).
Fits exactly into RedHat 6.0 netboot.img.
D-Link users: At hardware install, BIOS defaults to BNC. Boot from reference diskette to change to RJ45.
2.2.18N/A 797KBState of the art. Latest 3.2 ibmmca scsi. Check what's inside.

Last update: 29 Mar 2001

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