Bootdisks for IBM Micro Channel Machines

Content by Michael Lang (original archived HERE). Edited by Major Tom.
Last content update: 30 Nov 2000

Linux comes encapsulated in a variety of distributions. For the most important distributions, bootdisks are available to install the system on a computer. Here is my collection of bootdisks that I found or that I made (everything under construction, for now!).

The (gzip-edition) is the raw bootdiskimage compressed by gzip. You can decompress it using gzip -d file or using the gunzip tool. Under MS-DOS/WINXXXX you can use rawrite to copy it on a 1.44 MByte 3.5 inch diskette. Under UNIX systems, please use dd if=bootimage of=/dev/fd0, if the 3.5 inch drive represents drive A:.

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