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Content by Michael Lang (original archived HERE). Edited by Major Tom.
Last content update: 27 Apr 2000

This formular allows you to easy write a bugreport to the maintainer(s) of the IBM SCSI-subsystem low level driver for Linux. Just fill out the fields and press on the Send Bugreport button below. The more detailed your error-description is, the more it helps to dissolve a probable bug. Only bugreports with a specified, valid e-mail address will be processed, as there are surely followup questions necessary. Former bugs, where bugreports got swallowed by the mailer are now solved by using a different server-software here, so the bug-report form transfer is now working adequately fine.

First Name:
Your E-Mail:
Please answer the following global questions concerning your problem:
Your Linux Kernel Version:
Your SCSI-driver Version:
Your MCA-machine type/model:
Does the error appear: Always, Sometimes
Do you get a Kernel-Panic? Yes, No
If your driver had debugging mode switched on (see here to see how to toggle the debugging-flag in the sourcecode), you should enter the POS register output here:
IBM MCA SCSI: This adapters' POS-registers:              

Now, you should give a description of the error as detailed as possible. This is very important to localize the error.

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