LANStreamer MC 16

@8FA4.ADF IBM LANStreamer MC 16 Adapter
@8FA4.DGS IBM LANStreamer MC 16 Adapter Diagnostics


TRMLS16.EXE IBM LANStreamer MC16 Adapter Diagnostics/Option Diskette v2.0 (zipped image)
TRMLS321.EXE IBM LANStreamer MC32 Adapter Driver Diskette v3.10 (NDIS 2.0) (zipped image)
TRPALS4.EXE IBM Auto LANStreamer PCI Adapter NDIS3 Device Drivers v1.03 (WfW/95/NT) (zipped image)

Streamers - General Information

LANStreamer MC 16
ADF Sections

LANStreamer MC 16 FRU P/N 74G0790 (originally 59G8998) [P] [P] (photo by Stan Shih Computers LLC)

P2 RJ45 port
P3 DE9 port
P5 (back) pads for debug header
P6 pads for debug header
U12 MAC address ROM
U13 CXK5971AP-35 8Kx9 SRAM
U14 74G0125 µcode ROM
U16 63G9811 MCA BM
U17 50G8180(ESD) TR protocol
U18 NS 93F2932 TR front end
U24 Am99C10A-10 256x48 CAM
Y1 40.00000 MHz osc (MCA BM)
Y2 32.0000 MHz osc (TR)

U13 & U24 Address match RAM and CAM used for group address matching and multi-port bridge routing information matching.

U16 50G8196 or 63G9811 MCA bus master interface chip "Maunakea".

U17 50G8180(ESD) Token Ring protocol chip "Huntingdale".

The LS MC16 works in Models 8556 and above that supports Micro Channel. 24-bit DMA. Does NOT support FDX.

Largely the same board layout as the LANStreamer MC 32.

AdapterId 08FA4 IBM LANStreamer MC 16 Adapter

NumBytes 4
;pos 2 = set preempt time=max, enable busmaster mode
Begin NoDMA

Adapter Data Rate
   This Adapter can operate at 4 or 16 Mbps. The adapter data rate MUST be set to the rate of the Token-Ring Network LAN segment to which it is connected to.
     <"16 Mbps">, 4 Mbps

Adapter Media Type Selection
   This Adapter supports STP and UTP. The media type selected MUST be cable connected to the token ring. If not the adapter will exhibit a LOBE MEDIA FAILURE.
     <"STP">, UTP
Note: The LS MC16 DOES have an impedance matching network, BUT you still have to select the correct port.

Adapter I/O Address Range
   The I/O address field is a six bit field that selects the I/O address of the adapter. For Micro Channel I/O cycles, this adapter is selected when the Micro Channel I/O address is within a 256 byte region. If more than one adapter in your computer is used, each adapter must be assigned a separate I/O address range.
     <"1C00-1CFF">, 2000-20FF, 2400-24FF, 2800-28FF, 2C00-2CFF, 3000-30FF, 3400-34FF, 3800-38FF, 3C00-3CFF, 4000-40FF, 4400-44FF, 4800-48FF, 4C00-4CFF, 5000-50FF, 5400-54FF, 5800-58FF, 5C00-5CFF, 6000-60FF, FC00-FCFF
Note: The LS MC16 does NOT use the old Primary / Alternate configuration

Interrupt Level
   This Adapter can use IRQ 2, 3, 10 or 11. Int 3 is preferred, but it can use all four.
     <"Interrupt 3">, 2, 10, 11
Note: Multiple Streamers no longer need to be set to the same interrupt level. These NDIS 2 and 3 drivers will work properly even if set to the same level.

   This Adapter can operate with or without arbitration fairness.
     <"Fairness ON">, Fairness OFF

Arbitration Level
   This Adapter can use arbitration levels 1, 2, 3, 5 - E. If more than one adapter is used in your computer, each adapter must be assigned a separate arbitration level.
     <"Level 1">, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E

Remote Program Load Address Range
   The adapter's Remote Program Load (RPL) ROM is relocatable within Micro Channel memory space. The RPL ROM may be located on any 16K boundary from hex 000C 000 to 000D C000.
     <"Disabled">, C0000-C3FFF, C4000-C7FFF, C8000-CBFFF, CC000-CFFFF, D0000-D3FFF, D4000-D7FFF, D8000-DBFFF, DC000-DFFFF
Note: Remote Program Load (RPL) is internal to the µcode.

Parity Enable
   This Adapter provides the capability of generating and checking data parity.
     <"Parity OFF">, "Parity ON "

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