Olicom Ethernet MCA 10/100 (OC-2335)

@6447.ADF Olicom Ethernet MCA 10/100 Adapter

GTO2335.pdf Guide to Operations for Ethernet MCA 10/100 Adapter (OC-2335)
OC-2335 Datasheet Ethernet MCA 10/100 Adapter

OC-2335 Linux Driver by Alfred Arnold
Olicom 2335 Page at Olicom

Drivers & Software
OC2335 Fast Ethernet MCA 10/100
Controller Chip
ADF Sections

Drivers & Software

Current Disk Release

Setup Disk Version V01.0 (924.2 KB) 04-14-1999
Drivers Version V01.0 (303.3 KB) 04-14-1999
Diagnostics Version V01.0 (280.2 KB) 04-14-1999
Flash RPL Version V1.1 (38 KB) 04-14-1999

Software Updates

Windows 95 Driver Upgrade Utility (1.1 MB) 06-08-1999 (readme)
WinNT 3.51 and Win95 NDIS 3.00 miniport Version 1.10 (60.5 KB) 04-14-1999
Windows 98 NDIS 5 Miniport Driver v1.06 (26 KB) 07-14-1999
Novell 4.x LAN Driver Version 1.05 (74.6 KB) 04-14-1999
Novell 3.x LAN Driver Version 1.07 (121.8 KB) 04-14-1999


NDIS 2.0 Version 1.06 (59.7 KB) 04-14-1999
ODI Version 1.07 (30.2 KB) 04-14-1999


NDIS 2.0 Version 1.06 (32.9 KB) 04-14-1999
ODI Version 1.04 (29 KB) 04-14-1999
AIW Version 4.14 (0.94 MB) 09-17-1999
Diagnostics Version 1.21 (229 KB) 04-14-1999

OC2335 Fast Ethernet MCA 10/100

There are NO silkscreened component IDs on the PCB. NONE whatsoever.

AN-995 DP83800 Software Programmers Guide
DP83840A 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet Physical Layer
DP83223 TWISTER High Speed Networking Transceiver Device

OC-2729 Boot PROM Kit for RPL.

Controller Chip (from Alfred Arnold)

Turns out that the Olicom uses the really cheesy National DP83800 controller chip. Has an ISA style interface, no DMA, just plain PIO data transfer. Tx and Rx buffers are integrated, but 3K Tx buffer and 5K Rx buffer is a joke for a 100Mbit card... now I know why our hardware guys here opted for the SMSC and added 128K buffer space to it (and that was just an ISDN access router).

Given that Olicom didn't add any 'magic glue' between the NIC and the Micro Channel bus, the data sheet should be sufficient for writing a driver and we don't need Olicom's help. Though the sheet was not available on National's site any more, our hardware guys still had a copy of the PDF file. This PDF file has a footer that says 'National Semiconductor Confidential - Do Not Copy' ...whatever that means for us.

AdapterID 6447 Olicom Ethernet MCA 10/100 Adapter

I/O Address Location
   <Choice "0 =  200h"  (IO 0200-021F)>, 1 = 240 (0240-025F), 2 = 280 (0280-029F), 3 = 2C0 (02C0-02DF), 4 = 300 (0300-031F), 5 = 340 (0340-035F), 6 = 380 (0380-039F), 7 = 3C0 (03C0-03DF)

RPL Address location
   There are 8 possible 16K blocks of PC memory that can be assigned for accessing the RPL area of the ethernet network adapter.
  <"RPL Disabled">, C000-C3FF (C000-C3FF), C400-C7FF (C400-C7FF),  C800-CBFF (C800-CBFF), CC00-CFFF (CC00-CFFFF), D0000-D3FF (D000-D3FF), D400-D7FF (D400-D7FF), D800-DBFF (D800-DBFF), DC00-DFFF (DC00-DFFF)

Interrupt Level
  <"Interrupt 2">, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 15

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