Token-Ring Network Adapter/A

@E000.ADF IBM Token-Ring Network Adapter (ver. 1.10)
@E000.ADF IBM Token-Ring Network Adapter (ver. 1.00, less RAM choices, different fixed resources)
@E000.DGS Diagnostics

187-076 IBM Token-Ring Network Adapter/A
190-004 IBM Token-Ring Network PS/2 Model P70 386 Adapter/A (39F9598) (summary only) LAN Tech Ref Token-Ring Network Shared-RAM Adapters, SC30-3588-01 Token-Ring Network Adapter Interface Ver 1, Release 1.0, SC30-3588-00 LAN Tech Ref: 802.2 and NetBIOS APIs, SC30-3587-01
96X5767 IBM Token-Ring Network Trace and Performance Program User's Guide 1st Ed (Dec 1987)

Understanding Token Ring (by Bret Glass)
Interactive Token-Ring Network Troubleshooting

Long Token-Ring Adapter
Short Token-Ring Adapter
ROM Images
Known Problems

Long Token-Ring Adapter (4Mbs) P/N 83X7488(A) [P] [P]

There are no visible part IDs on the board. The IDs shown here are completely made up.

P1 DE9 TR connector
U1 "RX" 6405686
U2 "TX" 56X2276
U3 Motorola 6413006
U4 OKI 67X0745
U5 63X4521 (heatsinked)
U6 6407274
U7 83X7485 µcode ROM Odd
U8 83X7486 µcode ROM Even
U9,10 8Kx8 SRAM
U11 RPL ROM (socket)
Y1 16.0 MHz osc

U7,8 83X7485 / 83X7486 µcode ROMs, soldered in!

U9,10 8Kx8 SRAM - Mitsubishi M5M5165P-70, Sony CXK5864AP-70, or equivalent

The jumper-like "shunts" are able to be removed from the pins. Purpose unknown. (possibly testing/debugging?)

Short Token-Ring Adapter (4Mbs) FRU P/N 25F7540 [P] [P]  [P] [P]

CD1 DE9 TR connector
Y1 32.00000 MHz osc
ZM1 25F7335
ZM4 51F1439(ESD)
ZM5,7 8Kx9 SRAM
ZM9 25F9158 µcode ROM Even
ZM10 25F9157 µcode ROM Odd
ZM11 RPL ROM (socket)

ZM5,7 8Kx9 SRAM - Mitsubishi M5M5179P-55 or equivalent

TROPIC Chipset, 16 KB of RAM

ROM Images

Short Adapter

All µcode ROMs are 32Kx8 (ZM9 / ZM10).

25F9158 / 25F9157 - © IBM CORP. 1988
93F0196 / 93F0197 - © IBM CORP. 1988, 1991

Known Problems

PS/2 Adapter Installation Restrictions 3270, Token Ring, Etc. (H005662)

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