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Name P/N EC Notes
PS/55 D/A Double-decked card for 5571-S
PS/55 D/A-II 38F4650 31648D 51-S/T 71-T, No VGA function, AVEC
PS/55 D/A-III 64F8907 51-S/T 71-T, No VGA function, AVEC
PS/55 D/A-IV 79F5417 30-T, Additional VRAM board P/N is 39F7076
PS/55 D/A-V 56F7520 13491D 51-S/T/V 71-T/V, No VGA function, AVEC
Unkown 64F9134 Half size, aditional VRAM board P/N is 64F9135.
PS/55 D/A B
PS/55 D/A B-II (old) 79F2159 circuit layout is different from 79F5413.
PS/55 D/A B-II (new) 79F5413 5560, 5580, 5540. VGA capable. BVEC
PS/55 DBCS D/A /J 07G0446 5551-W/N/Y 30-L/V/W, VGA capable, BVEC
PS/55 DBSC D/A /NI-J 54G1463 5551-R/L, Non-interlaced, VGA capable, BVEC
XGA-2 87F4774
SVGA CL5428 (Jap) 84G7001 5521-Y, additional 1MB VRAM can be soldered in
SVGA CL5428 Server 500, VRAM fixed to 1MB. easy to go mad.
Reply CL5426 Additional 1MB VRAM can be soldered in
Matrox Impression
Artist Winsprint


Type, Size, Terminator P/N EC Microcode Machine
SCSI /A 16-bit, Long, Blown DIP Term pack 15F6561 64F4376/77 5571-V1
SCSI /A, Short, SIP Term packs 07G3169 64F4376/77 5551-W
SCSI A/16, Short, SIP Term packs 35G2976 92F2244/45
SCSI A/16, Short, SIP Term packs 66G1080 92F2244/45
SCSI /A with Cache, Long, Yellow DIP Term pack 92F1572 92F2244/45 8595-J
SCSI /A with Cache, Long, No Term on the card 6451018 64F4376/77 5580-Y/W
SCSI w/ Cache, Half, SIP, 50pin HDA connector 95F4488 64F4376/77 5561-W1/W2
SCSI A/32 w/ Cache, Short, DIP Term pack 35G2818 C82347B 92F2244/45 5551-RE
SCSI A/32 w/ Cache, Short, SIP Term packs 07G3063 92F2246/47 Option ?
SCSI A/32 w/ Cache, Long, 2.5" HD onboard 35G3785 92F2244/45 Option
F/W SCSI-II /A 6451280 9595
Future Domain MCS700 Option
IBM SCSI -II /A (Rebadged Future Domain MCS700) PS/2 9577s
F/W RAID /A , Passplay 9595A
Streaming F/W RAID /A, Cheetah Server 500


Name P/N Notes
16/4 TokenRing /A Long
16/4 TokenRing /A Short
Auto 16/4 TokenRing /A Short
Auto LanStreamer MC32 TokenRing /A
Dual LanStreamer MC32 TokenRing /A Isn't it difficult to use with NT ?
Madge 16/4 MC Ringnode S16
Madge 16/4 MC32 Ringnode
Acton 16/4 TokenRing /A
RJ45 MAU 8226 Easy to use, Good for space saving.
MAU 8228 Easy to use, no power required but big and hard to get in Japan.
Madge RJ45 MAU
Andrew MAU
8230 Controlled Access unit type-1
8230 LAM type-1
8230 RJ45 LAM type-1
8230 Controlled Access unit type-2 Madge has same product.
8320 RJ45 LAM type-2


Name P/N Notes
2-8MB Memory Expansion
Action Media -II
Audio Catpure and Playback adapter
3 types available but I have one, short, rev. B only.
Audiovation /A I got one in NIB condition $5
Reply Sound Card SB compatible.
Reply Sound Card with SCSI some card are with non-active SCSI I/F
ChipChat Sound Card
Sound Piper
MCMaster 386 to 486 upgrade with Memory Expansion
Data Card 170-250MB 2.5" IDE HD with Memory Expansion
2 Slot PCMCIA /A 54G0481
4 Slot PCMCIA /A 54G0506 Who has option disks for it to activate all 4 slots?
2 Slot PCMCIA /A (PS/2)
2 Slot PCMCIA /A ISA style PC720 85G7334 Specially designed for PC720

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