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010001 - Short PS/2 Adapter /A for Ethernet Networks (ADF @EFD4)

How to use IBM PS/2 Adapter /A for Ethernet Networks Under Win95 and Win NT

The installation instructions were reported to the FORUM FIBMJ, Bulletine Board #4 "PS/55 & PS/2" held by @ Nifty on 05/15/96 for Win 95 and on 01/06/97 for Win NT by Mr. Masaru Nishikawa.

With his permission I translated his method to English. In Japan it's not so easy to get SMC 61C8/61C9 or 3Com 3C529. On the other hand it's relatively easy to get a 92F0046 cheap. Mr. Nishikawa's instructions for 95/NT really helped (and still helps) many Japanese Ethernet users.

Adapter Name: IBM PS/2 adapter /A for Ethernet Networks - IBM FRU P/N: 92F0046, Adapter ID; @EFD4

Half length card with 2 SMC Chips on it with one RJ45 connector and one AUI connector.

Equivalent of SMC EtherCard Plus /A Elite TP/AUX - Adapter ID @61C9.

Ed. The installation instructions were moved to the SMC 8013 page.

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