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021230 - Monologue, actually...

5551-NAB... what a nice personal computer.
My MCA life started with it.
For about 6 years, spent most of all of my private time with PS/55s.
I do not know much about earlier models.
I do not know about KDOS.
I do not know much about JDOS.
I do know about DOS/V *1
I do know a little bit about Windows 3.1 and OS/2 J2.1 and WARP Connect.
I can use Win 9x/NT/2000 and such.
I do know about 486 class PS/55s.
I learned about PS/55 through various comments posted to the message bulletin board #4 in FIBMJ held by Nifty Serve.

Once upon a time the bulletin board had been very active. Once upon a time, PS/55s were great computers which stupid Blue had made. Time passed away. CPU speed is now rated beyond 2GHz while my comrades are in 25 MHz to 200 MHz. Windows 2000 and higher (if XP is higher than it) do not like my comrades. People tend to run for easiest way (err... including me). Seems there are very very few people reading the forum these days...may be less than 30 or so. Only 4 identical names including me could be seen in postings during these 2 months.

There is a season. Turn! Turn! Turn! -The Byrds

But as far as the PC concerns, technology will be improved further and further. No turn, no revival. Thus my comrades will turn out to be real JUNKs. How long they will exist as GOOD TOOLS.

*1 DOS/V
   For non Japanese readers, it's a usual DOS 4.0 and higher, but is capable to handle double byte characters with some added programs. In a word, it's a bilingual DOS.

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