Still Crazy

030102 - Alone Again

Sent the last post to the Bulletin Board #4 at 00:20, 01 Jan 2003. Maybe I had been tired of waiting for new posts or newcomers. All was in vain, most possibly. Maybe I had expected too much from other members. I could stay there just keeping quiet, keep accessing the forum and just read but no post, (yeah we call such member a *ROM* = Read Only Member). Actually I had been a *ROM* for about 6 months before I started to write comments. It had been very hard for me to understand most of subjects, comments, conversation on the bulletin board. Meanwhile MCA virus exploded and I started to post (most of all posts were questions).

Can't explain why but this time I chose to withdraw from the bulletin board, rather than to be a ROM.

Don't know how many Japanese readers (and ROM or very few RAM of the bulletin board) read this stupid monologue. Maybe My decision was wrong and I should stay within the bulletin board.

Probably I don't want to participate and see the occasion of the LAST day, I mean closing of the bulletin board.

And Now, I'm Alone Again.

Hope the message bulletin board number 4 of FIBMJ at Nifty Serve will last for a few more years.

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