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970802 - 5560-W1B arrived

Someday in Jul 1997

A guy asked for a new home for some PS/55s. All free except shipping costs. He wrote to the Forum that any one could take them but the taker should love PS/55 and/or should be ready to impart or pass down the "MCA culture". What a nice but serious proposal. The 2nd condition was difficult but so far I loved PS/55. If I could get one of the PS/55s and keep it my home then I could access Nifty when I was back at home. I raised my hand to be the adopter of his 5560.


The 5561-W1B was delivered to my home. It was a big desktop PC equipped with a DX4-75, DA B-II and 540MB SCSI hard drive (don't remember about memory, but probably 1 stick of 4MB 70 ns SIMM was installed). It was really impressive to me. It was a huge server PC in a desktop style. I named it "Big Battle". With Big Battle I also learned a lot about IML, system partition, SIMMs usable on PS/55s and so on.

Later on I noticed my 60-W1B was really a 60-W2B It was labeled 5561-W1B but at the same time there was a little sticker saying "KIT W2B". I don't know the difference between stock W1B and W2B but mine had a PS/2 H-ish complex with a DX4-75 on the overdrive socket and no SX25 CPU on the first socket. Memory count was faster than my "Grandma" which had a PS/2 Type K-ish complex. I added a Hitachi made 2x speed CD-ROM which I bought cheep at a used PC parts shop. As I could not get a appropriate CD-ROM rails (mount) to set it in a bay beside FDD, I bought a CD-ROM mounter for Macintosh (forget the model number) and adjust it to meet the slide rail of the bay. The drive and the CD-ROM still sit in my 5560. One thing I really want is a front bezel for CD-ROM in same shape with FDD bezel. I have a flat type square bezel in mine but it little bit shabby.

For general information about PS/55 5560, please click here.

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