High-Performance Parallel Interface Channel Attachment

(HIPPI) FC (2735)
Processor card, 51G9994
Transmit card, 51G9996
Receive card. 11H2504
Crossover cable (three-position) 51G9226

HIPPI Source (Transmit) Front FRU 51G9996

F1,2 Fuse
J1-3 Daughtercard connectors
J4 80 pin HPDB
U16 50.0000 MHz osc
U27 43G2099
U10-14 MT5C1008DJ-25
U27 43G2099
U28 43G2101
U52 AMCC S2020A003 (?)
U54,70 Burr-Brown PWR 6201
U55-59 TI Q311BN ACT7811-20

HIPPI Source (Transmit) Back

U1,2,5,6,7 MT5C1008DJ-25
U46 43G2103
U95,96 Motorola MC10H645

Sustained Data Transfer up to 66MBps

HIPPI Adapter Set

The HIPPI adapter set consists of three cards. Interconnection is made by three controlled impedance flex circuit cables. The complete HIPPI subsystem requires five Micro Channel slots. The two additional slots are needed to meet Micro Channel requirements. One vacant card slot is required adjacent to the receive card to insure proper component clearance. In other words there are some tall components on the solder side of the receive card.

Note: Be sure to install adapters in the order illustrated. Be sure the ends of all connectors are latched behind the latch clips. Remove the three-position cables first when installing or removing cards. Be sure that all plugs and connectors align.

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