MultiMaster Device Drivers

Retrieved from LSI on 28 Dec 2014
See also the Mylex Product Reference Guide archived HERE (working file links).
Mylex was bought by LSI Logic (now an Avago Technology Company / Broadcom Inc.).

mmswk191kit.pdfMultiMaster Software User's Guide
adf-150.exeMCA ADF files BT-640/646 v1.50 (3-8-93)
dosaspi.exeDOS/Windows SCSI ASPI Drivers v4.31C (7-12-96)
mmodt.exeSCO Unix ODT/OpenServer 2.x/3.x v4.01 (8-26-97)
mmunix.exeSCO Unix OpenServer 5.0.x v4.01 (7-21-97) & Unixware 2.x v3.02 (7-24-97)
nextstep.exeNeXTStep 486 v3.2 SCSI Driver (10-3-94)
nw31x.exeNW 3.1x SCSI Drivers v2.56 (7-3-96)
nw4x.exeNW 4.x SCSI Drivers v1.56 (7-3-96)
nwgam.exeNW HAM drive w/ GAM support v5.02 (7-11-97)
nwham.exeNW standard HAM driver v5.02 (5-30-97)
os2-2x.exeOS/2 v2.xx SCSI Driver v1.54 (10-23-96)
warp.exeOS/2 3.x/4.0 Warp SCSI Driver v1.54 (10-23-96)
win95.exeWin95 driver upgrade v5.02 (7-14-97)
winnt-a.exeWinNT 3.5x driver for Alpha v5.02 (7-17-97)
winnt.exeWinNT 3.5x/4.0 SCSI driver v5.02 (7-14-97)

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