SSA Adapter 4-D

SSA Adapter Front

The 4-D resembles the 4-G on the front as to components and layout. The backs differ in the layout for J12-13 and the outlines for a big FPGA and LEDs.

D4 Status LED Loop B
D5 Status LED Loop A
J1,9 Solder pads for SIMM sockets
J2,6 Internal SSA ports
J3 "B2" SSA Loop B Port 2
J4 Solder pads for 140 position connector
J5 Solder pads for Fast-Write Cache
J7 "B1" SSA Loop B Port 1
J8 "A2" SSA Loop A Port 2
J9 "A1" SSA Loop A Port 1
J14 PS/2 Port (Unknown)
TH1 PTC Resistor
U1 96H9834
U2 50.0000 MHz osc
U3,5,8,10 TC559128AJ-20
U4 Xilinx XC4413-PQ240C 6070 (HardWire)
U6 31H8637 BIOS Odd?
U7 Phillips SCC2691AC1A28
U9 Solder pads for 88G6298
U12 34G1521 "Miami" MCA iface
U13 Solder pads for Dallas DS1225AD-170
U14 40.000 MHz osc
U15 31H8636 BIOS Even?
U26-29 TC559128AJ-20

SIMMs in J1 and J9
  I have both slots filled with 4 MB SIMMs, 1Mx36 70 ns 5.0 V, PN 82G6981. These have ten chips on one side of the PCB. There are 4 M514400C-70SJ (data) and one M512200-70SJ (parity) on each half.

Light Pipes on D4 and D5
   Both LEDs are normal LEDs on the PCB. There are light pipes to transmit the light to the outside.

Each pair of connectors has a green light that indicates the operational status of its related loop:

Status Meaning
Off Both SSA connectors are inactive. If disk drives or other SSA adapters are connected to these connectors, either those disk drives or adapters are failing, or their SSA links are not active.
Solid The light is on continuously when power is turned on to the adapter and both ports for that loop are operational; that is, the devices connected next to the adapter in the loop have power turned on to them, are connected correctly to the adapter, and are operational.
Slow Flash The light flashes continuously if one of the ports is not operational. That occurs when the cable to that port is not connected correctly or the device connected next to the adapter in the loop is not operational.

SSA Adapter Back


J12, 13 Solder pads for 40 pin connector
LEDs Solder pads for status LEDs?
U17 VLSI-ARM VY86C06040
U19, 25 88H5516
U23 AM29F040-120EC
Unknown Solder pads for big whoppin FPGA

 40 MHz version of the ARM6 Application-Specific Standard Product (ASSP) version of the new ARM processor, designed the VY86C06040, is pin-to-pin compatible with lower clock frequency versions.  It operates with a 40 MHz clock and exhibits a peak performance of 40 MIPS and a sustainable performance of 26 MIPS at 5

> Dave, are the PCI and MCA variants of the SSA adapter close enough for the PCI drivers to work? Or do I blame all of this on Jolt slushies?

   From my experiences in developing various drivers for MCA adapters under NT, I will answer "no."  This is due to the different way drivers scan their expansion buses for adapters. PCI drivers scan completely different from the way MCA drivers do. Some drivers, like the one I am working on with Ryan A., are written smart enough to scan multiple buses (in this case, it scans ISA, EISA, MCA, and PCI), but I have found that to be extremely rare.

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