XIRCOM Multiplexor III

Ko Fei Pu:
   I've tried unsuccessfully to setup an IBM Thinkpad 700/PS2 with Xircom multiplexor. I'm using Xircom Token Ring pocket adapter, if connected directly to the parallel port there's no problem, but if a use the multiplexor it simply hung. I've called IBM and Xircom to no avail.

Michael R. Fox:
   I've just set up some twisted pair Xircom adapters and had some problems with setting them up. After talking to Xircom I was told that the adapter HAS to be plugged into the B port on the mux and the printer HAS to have power for the mux to work (turned on and plugged into the mux). In my case I had to load the odi or packet driver twice if the adapter was plugged into the A port on the mux. Once I moved the adapter to the B port everything worked fine. So much for the manual.

Derek Rowell:
   Incidentally I've found the Xircom PPX parallel port multiplexor to be an excellent add-on to allow printing while connected to the network. You print to LPT1 while using LPT2 for the network. It can be be slow - but if you print to LPT1.DOS it is much better.

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