Digiboard PC-IMAC MC

@7F9E.ADF Digi MC IMAC Adapter Card

Identifying Older Digi Product By Serial Number (Pre "V" series)
4001119E.exe PC/IMAC driver for Windows NT 3.5.1 (orig)
4001120k.exe IMAC firmware version 1.2.4 rel 9/29/95 (alt) (DEAD)
imac122b.exe IMAC firmware version 1.2.2 (orig)

ADF Sections

MC IMAC DBI 30001574

J1 Three pin jumper
J2 Three pin jumper
P1 TDM/Serial port (???)
P2 JTAG (??)
P3,4 Daughtercard header
P6,7 10 conductor TP port

MC IMAC Daughtercard DBI 30001214

Inner Side
Outer Side
P1,2 48 pin header
U5 AT&T  T 7250B MC
U6-8 KM62256BLG-10
U23,24 Motorola MCM6206CJ25
U25 KM62256BLG-10

AdapterID 7F9E Digi MC IMAC Adapter Card

Memory Start Address
   Where the Digi MC IMAC will  reside in the host's memory map
     <"0D8000" (d800-dbff)>, 0DC000 (dc00-dfff), 0D0000 (d000-d3ff), 0D4000 (d400-d7ff), 0C8000 (c800-cbff ), 0CC000 (cc00-cfff), 0C0000 (c000-c3ff), 0C4000 (c400-c7ff), FC0000 (fc000-fc3ff), FC4000 (fc400-fc7ff), FA0000 (fa000-fa3ff), FA4000 (fa400-fa7ff), F80000 (f8000-f83ff), F84000 (f8400-f87ff)

I/O PORT Address
   Where the Digi MC IMAC will reside in the host's I/O map
    <"208h" (0208-0209)>, 228h (0228-0229), 308h (0308-0309), 328h (0328-0329), 108h (0108-0109), 118h (0118-0119), 128h (0128-0129)

Interrupt Vectors
   IRQ Lines on which the Digi MC IMAC will interrupt the host
    <"Disabled">, 11, 12, 3, 10, 5, 7, 15

The Digi DataFire and PC-IMAC ISDN adapters can be thought of as
"ISDN Ethernet cards." The network software sees them as Ethernet adapters on a LAN. Instead of Ethernet wiring, Digi's ISDN adapters use an ISDN connection, which can be set up as always connected or only connected when there is network information to transfer. You do not use AT commands with them. Digi uses Microsoft's Dial Up Networking GUI to make or receive calls.

Binary file name for PC-IMAC adapters (Micro Channel and ISA models):

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