14.4 Fax/Modem w/Wake-On-Ring

@62E9.ADF IBM PS/2 14.4/14.4 Kbps Data/Fax modem
   also the PM14400 PS/2 Internal Modem and Kingston 14400 PS/2 Internal Modem


Intmod14.exe 14.4 Modem w/Wake-On-Ring option disk (adf only!)

IBM PS/2 14.4/14.4 Kbps Data/Fax Modem P/N 73G7095 25H3321 or FRU P/N 92G8867 [P]

J3 RJ45 Jack
J4 RJ45 Jack
SUR1 Clare Suppressor
U1,2 HY62256ALJ-10
U3 MC68302FC16C
U4 Firmware?
U8,9 MS6264A-20RC
U10 Startech ST16C550CJ
U11 Rockwell R6639-26
U18 Unknown
XFRM1 671-8025
Y1 16.5888MHz
Y2 38.00053 MHz

MC68302 Integrated Multiprotocol Processor User’s Manual

The Wake on ring feature seems to be a rework. There is an IC that looks to have been snapped in half and glued upside down onto U18. Two wires run from the added IC segment, one to R54, the other to the left pin of the header P2.

I dimly remember someone saying it was an option for the 750 MCA/PCI systems and not likely to be useful to any earlier ones.

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