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DateTitleIP.comSubject, Notes
Jun 1987LOOP Power-On-Self-Test Diagnostics[link]
Sep 1987Interrupt Arbitration in Personal Computer Systems[link]
Oct 1987Interrupt Arbitration to Prevent Data Overrun[link]
Oct 1987Diagnostic Status for Non-Maskable Interrupt Arbitration[link]
Oct 1987Dynamic Relocation of Memory (For Error Recovery)[link]POS
Nov 1987Input/Output Address Space Sharing for Personal Computers[link]
Dec 1987Bus Data Transfer Controls for Personal Computers[link]
Dec 1987A Summing Circuit Bus for Attaching Audio Devices to Personal Computers[link]


DateTitleIP.comSubject, Notes
Jan 1988Auxiliary Video Connector[link]
Apr 1988Level-Sensitive Interrupt for a Parallel Printer Interface Using Data and Status I/O for Reset[link]
Apr 1988Watch Dog Timer Interface[link]
Apr 1988ROM Activated Zero Wait States for Computer Memory Address Ranges[link]
Apr 1988Row Address Select Multiplexing of Computer Memory[link]
May 1988Memory Image Mapping for Personal Computer Systems[link]
May 1988Synchronization Control Block Posting Mechanism[link]SCB
Jun 1988Channel Check Protocol-Error Detection/Correction Protocol[link]
Jul 1988Spurious Error Prevention Due to Power Interruptions[link]
Aug 1988Dynamic Arbitration Level Assignment for a Direct Memory Access Subsystem[link]
Sep 1988Command Dependent Column Address Select Switching[link]
Sep 1988Input/Output Exerciser Test Package for Personal Systems[link]
Oct 1988Sub-Addressing Extension to Programmable Option Select[link]


DateTitleIP.comSubject, Notes
Jan 1989Logging and Retrieving of Error Codes During Power-On Self Test Using BIOS Function Calls[link]
Feb 1989Microprocessor Bus State Monitor System[link]
Mar 1989Slot Windows for Circuit Edge Connectors[link]
Apr 1989Determination of Latest Read-Only Memory on Identical Adapters in IBM Ps/2 Computers[link]
Apr 1989Direct Memory Access for Multiple Requesting Computer Devices[link]
Apr 1989ROM Scan Extension for Video As a Special Case for Expanded ROM Scan [!][link]
May 1989Manufacturing Test Mode for a Personal Computer[link]
May 1989Adding and Deleting Loadable Power on Self Tests Configuration Files[link]AIX
May 1989Loadable Power on Self Test Adapter Setup Table[link]
May 1989Keyboard-Less Personal System[link]
May 1989Hardware Adapter Configuration[link]
May 1989Software Controlled Watchdog and Reboot Circuit Device for Personal Systems[link]
Jun 1989Non-Volatile Ram Protection Circuit[link]NVRAM
Jul 1989Integrated Input/Output Support Circuitry for Use With 80286/80386 Microprocessors [!][link]
Aug 1989Planar/Processor Interface for Personal Systems[link]
Sep 1989Automatic Configuration of a Personal Computer System[link]ADF
Sep 1989Preventing Unauthorized Access on a Personal Computer System[link]
Oct 1989Support Circuit for Intel 80386/82385 System With Optional Intel 80387[link]
Oct 1989Intel 82385 Snoop Diagnostic Circuit to Test Dma/Bus Master Snoop Cycles[link]
Oct 1989Expandability of Tcw/Tag Memory[link]
Oct 1989Multiple Digital Signal Processor Circuit Cards for Tool Control Applications[link]7552
Oct 1989"Next Byte Zero" Method for Data Steering[link]
Nov 1989CHANNEL Check Implementation for the MICRO CHANNEL[link]
Nov 1989Bus-Locking Mechanism in an Intel 82385 Cache Controller Subsystem[link]
Nov 1989Adapter Description Program Interface to Configure Adapters on Personal Computer Systems That Store Their Configuration Information in Non-Volatile RAM [!][link]ADP
Nov 1989High-Speed Memory Test for Personal System/2 Power on Self Test [!][link]POST
Nov 1989Method of Executing Manufacturing ROM Code Without Removing System Roms[link]
Dec 1989Decrease the Time to Test RAM Array Logic by Using the ECC Design Logic to Find Errors[link]ECC, POST
Dec 1989Special Planar Manufacturing Tests in Ros [!][link]POST
Dec 1989Dual Function ROM that Controls the Initial Program Load (IPL)[link]


DateTitleIP.comSubject, Notes
Jan 1990Multiple Processor Across the MICRO CHANNEL[link]
Jan 1990Method of Expanding the Hardware of a Personal Computer With Minimal Impact to Software Drivers[link]
Jan 1990Data Transfer for PIO To/From System Non-Preemptable[link]
Jan 1990Bus Timeout Implementation Using Counters[link]
Jan 1990Programmable Arbitration Time[link]
Jan 1990Mechanism to Capture Read Data[link]
Jan 1990Data Transfer for PIO To/From System Using Streaming Data[link]
Jan 1990Frame Grabber Card[link]
Jan 1990Dynamic Bus Transfer Algorithm[link]
Jan 1990Single Module Personal Computer[link]
Jan 1990System Bus Tag Ram[link]
Feb 1990Pre-Flll/Pre-Empty Thresholds Improve Bus Efficiency[link]
Feb 1990Bus Prototype Circuit Card for Personal Computers[link]
Feb 1990First Party Streaming Data Slaves Excluding 1, 2 Byte Masters[link]
Feb 1990Streaming Data Slave Control Directly From the Micro Channel Bus[link]
Feb 1990Dynamic Clock Frequency Changing for a Memory Controller[link]
Feb 1990Diagnostic Register-read in LSSD[link]
Feb 1990Initialization Code Executed After Post And Before the Operating System Gets Control[link]
Feb 1990Micro Channel File Multiplexer[link]DBA
Feb 1990Foolproof Parallel Port Strobe[link]
Mar 1990POS Register Definition Architected for Up to 8 Simms[link]POS
Mar 1990Bus Efficiency Improvement Via Timed PREEMPT[link]
Mar 1990System Control Block Get Configuration Command[link]SCB
Mar 1990Hardware Verification Scheme Detects All Types of Diskette Data Recovery Errors[link]
Mar 1990Power-On Self-Test Extension Providing Remote Program Load Capability For Communication Cards[link]RPL, POST
Mar 1990Functional Testing Option Cards Without Powering-Off Host[link]
Mar 1990Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory Update Condition Avoidance[link]flash update
Apr 1990Display Subsystem[link]
Apr 1990Interfacing Processor-based Devices to Personal Computing Systems[link]
Apr 1990POS Register Extension With Multiple Chips, Each With Single Set of POS Registers[link]POS
Apr 1990NVRAM Dynamic Data Area[link]NVRAM
May 1990Method of Implementing "Fairness" Arbitration in Accessing a Computer System Bus[link]
May 1990Simple Compatible System ROM Area Expansion[link]
Jun 1990PS/2 Card Extender Rigid Support Mechanism[link]
Jun 1990Diagnostic Address Compare for Unauthorized Access to Shared Memory[link]
Jun 1990Interrupt Service Allocation Technique for the Micro Channel Bus[link]
Jun 1990Dual-Function Memory Control Signal[link]
Jun 1990In-Line High Density Connectors[link]
Jun 1990Method of Providing Metastable-Free Interrupt Asynchronous Computer Interface Operation[link]
Jun 1990Micro Channel Slave Interface Chip Burst Termination Method[link]
Jul 1990Early Decoding Method for Intel 82385 Cache Controller-Based Systems[link]
Jul 1990Method for Using a Thirty-Two Bit Slave in a Sixteen-Bit Micro Channel Architecture System[link]
Jul 1990Active Restore Circuit for Open Collector Signals[link]
Jul 1990Generation of Bus Signals -Preempt And Arb(0-3) for Micro Channel Architecture[link]
Aug 1990External Burst-Mode FIFO for Non-Burst Diskette Controller[link]
Aug 1990Information Panel [!][link]Op Panel
Aug 1990Modified Cache Update Cycle for Intel 82385 Based Systems[link]
Aug 1990Extending Available System Memory by User-Selectable Rom-to-Ram Configuration Remap[link]
Sep 1990Looping Scatter/Gather Bus Master to Coprocessor Data Transfer Mechanism[link]
Oct 1990Diagnostic Interrupt Logic Testing[link]
Oct 1990Intelligent Bus Controller - DMA Slave Communication[link]
Oct 1990System/9370 I/O Bus to Micro Channel Attachment[link]
Dec 1990Fast Algorithm for Most Efficient Bit-Steering[link]ECC
Dec 1990System Debug Facility - A System Testing Computer Architecture for High-Speed Processing Systems[link]
Dec 1990Servicing of Incorrect Load Source Disk Data Level[link]
Dec 1990Method for Downloading Firmware to Ram[link]
Dec 1990Program Controlled Micro Channel Bus Cycle Extension[link]


DateTitleIP.comSubject, Notes
Jan 1991Terminal Control Unit Adapter for Migration to Co-operative Processing[link]S/370
Jan 1991Sixty-Four-Byte Latency Dynamic Dma Transfers[link]
Feb 1991Programmable Cache Decoder[link]
Feb 1991Transient Program Code[link]
Mar 1991Memory Chip Failure-Detection Mechanism[link]ECC
Mar 1991Improved Connector for Ps/2 Micro Channel Adapter Cards[link]
Mar 1991Method of Using Scatter/Gather Indirect List in Micro Channel Computer Systems[link]
Mar 1991Method for Providing Status Information in Micro Channel Computer Systems[link]
Apr 1991Programmable Burst Control for Load/Store Operations[link]
Apr 1991Micro Channel Streaming Data Burst Protocol for DMA Slaves[link]
Apr 1991Dynamic Remapping of Bad Memory Segments During Power-On Self-Test in a PS/2 System[link]
Apr 1991Bypass Bus Mechanism for Direct Memory Access Controllers[link]
Apr 1991High-Speed Micro Channel Arbitration Via Selection of Arbitration Levels[link]
Apr 1991Use of Standard ACMOS L1/L2 Latches to Provide Testable Asynchronous, Edge-Triggered And Set/Reset Latches[link]
May 1991Field Replaceable Unit Isolation in a Dual-Bus System[link]
May 1991Sub 100H Bus Architecture [!][link]
May 1991Algorithm for Data Alignment On the Micro Channel[link]
May 1991Master Streaming Data Register File Access[link]
May 1991Providing Memory Refresh During a COP Halt Command[link]
May 1991Master Streaming Data Boundary Optimizations On the Micro Channel[link]
May 1991Fast Addressing Logic to Improve Read Access Time From a Register File[link]
May 1991iAPX 80386 Erratum Workaround[link]
May 1991Architected Pseudo Slots for Additional Planar Functions On Micro Channel Systems[link]
May 1991Micro Channel Slave Providing Central Translate And Steering Logic[link]
May 1991Programmable Single Bit Error Counter for Computer Error Checking And Correction Facilities[link]ECC
May 1991Chained Subsystem Control Block Architecture for Personal Systems[link]SCB
May 1991Disk Cache Read Prefetch Command Function for Personal Systems[link]
Jun 1991Circuit for Ensuring a Valid Programmable Option Select Identification For Personal Systems Adapters[link]POS
Jun 1991Programmable Memory Address Decoder for Personal Computer Systems[link]
Jun 1991DMA Command Chaining to Support Bus Master Interleaved Memory And I/O Transfers On a Micro Channel[link]
Jun 1991Diagnostics Which Check Hardware ECC Correction/Detection[link]EOS
Jul 1991MICRO Channel I/O Adapter Bus Signal Switching[link]
Jul 1991Control of Initial Program Load From Diskette[link]
Aug 1991Autoreference Function [!][link]
Aug 1991Microcode POS Register Implementation[link]POS
Aug 1991Micro Channel Stress Card[link]
Aug 1991Termination Status Blocks as Defined in the Subsystem Control Block for Micro Channel[link]SCB
Aug 1991Test Case Portability Method for Micro Channel Personal Computers[link]
Aug 1991Test Case Compatibility Method for Micro Channel Personal Computers[link]
Aug 1991Micro Channel Planar to Adapter Card Interrupt Redirection[link]
Aug 1991Extendable Alert Register[link]
Sep 1991Personal Computer System Adapter Post Error Reporting by Inaccessible Rom[link]
Sep 1991Address Error Detection for MICRO Channel Bus Extensions Far From the Host (> 2 Meters)[link]
Sep 1991Programmable Bus Interface Unit for Personal Computers [!][link]
Sep 1991Subsystem Control Block Immediate Commands for the Micro Channel[link]SCB
Sep 1991Multiple Bus Masters with Arbitration and Preempt Capability For Personal Computers[link]
Sep 1991IBM PC Interface Integrated Circuit[link]
Sep 1991CPU Bus Bandwidth Pacing in a Dual Bus System[link]
Oct 1991Data Exchange Adapter for Micro Channel/370[link]
Oct 1991Adaptive Mailbox Timer[link]
Nov 1991MICRO Channel Common Communications Adapter[link]
Nov 1991Micro Channel I/O Buffer Card[link]
Nov 1991Micro Channel Emulation Tester for Busmaster Adapter Cards[link]
Dec 1991Printer Port Check Point Card[link]
Dec 1991High-Speed Serial Interface Micro Channel Adapter[link]
Dec 1991Hardware Implemented Control Store Bug Injector[link]


DateTitleIP.comSubject, Notes
Jan 1992Ten Bit Refresh Address Generation in Personal Computer Systems[link]
Jan 1992Daughter Card Shipping Restraint[link]
Jan 1992Personal Computer Systems Information Code Extension[link]POST
Jan 1992Subsystem Control Block Immediate Commands for the Micro Channel[link]SCB
Jan 1992Bus Architecture with Each Slot Capable of Multi-function IDs[link]
Jan 1992Subsystem Control Block Managed Streaming Mode Buffer[link]
Feb 1992Programmable Micro Channel I/O Slave Address Assignment Using Programmable Option Select[link]POS
Mar 1992MICRO CHANNEL Preempt Signal Transceiver Control[link]
Mar 1992Programmable Support for Controlling Memory Subsystem Configurations in Personal Computers[link]
Mar 1992Mounting PC Style Cards in Mid-Range Computer Packaging[link]
Mar 1992Method of Sharing Address Space in Testing Personal Computer Systems' Memory[link]
Mar 1992Dynamic Extended BIOS Data Area Allocation and Expansion for Personal Computer Systems[link]
Mar 1992Update Mechanism for Personal Computer System Resident Firmware [!][link]flash
Mar 1992Multifunction I/O Cards[link]
Mar 1992Selectable Bus Parity for Microcomputer Channel Bus[link]
Mar 1992Multiconnector PS/2 MICRO Channel Adapter Bracket[link]
Mar 1992Support of Memory above the 16-Megabyte Address Limit in OS/2[link]
Mar 1992Software Recovery of Page Faults on Microprocessors with Integrated Memory Management Units[link]
Apr 1992Method of Increasing Personal System Performance by Reducing Bus Cache Overhead[link]
May 1992High Density Feature and Memory Card Packaging[link]
May 1992Alternate Method to Burning EPROMs[link]
May 1992DMA Slave Data Security[link]
May 1992LSSD Asynchronous, Edge Sensitive Design Use in a Micro Channel Streaming Slave[link]
Jun 1992Method of Improving Parallel Port Interrupts in Personal Computers[link]
Jun 1992Fast Micro Channel Cache Control Lookup[link]
Jun 1992Algorithm to Provide Imaginary Linear Addressing to Standard Buffers[link]
Jun 1992Micro Channel Streaming Data Acknowledgment Terms for Slaves[link]
Jun 1992Use of Dirty, Buffered, and Invalidate Bits for Cache Operations[link]
Jun 1992High-Speed Intel 80486 External Cache Bus Structure[link]
Jun 1992Dual-Bus Arbitration for Personal Computer Systems[link]
Jun 1992Cache Coherency Cache Directory Table[link]
Jun 1992Interrupt Status Port Extension to the Subsystem Control Block Architecture[link]SCB
Jun 1992Timing Verification Model for Personal Computer Systems[link]
Jun 1992Micro Channel Streaming Data Request Control[link]
Jun 1992Internal Arbiter Enables/Disables[link]
Jun 1992Byte Count Algorithm for Bus-to-Bus DMA Slave Transfers[link]
Jun 1992Vibration Attenuator for MICRO Channel Cards[link]
Jun 1992MICRO Channel Slave Ready Generation During Bus Master DMA Transfers[link]
Jun 1992MICRO Channel Slave Streaming Data Request Generation[link]
Jul 1992Data Parity Platform[link]
Jul 1992I/O Address Protection Implementation[link]
Aug 1992Dual Processor Boot Procedure for LAN Services[link]MicroMASTER
Aug 1992Ensuring a Proper and Complete Processor Reset[link]
Aug 1992128-Bit Streaming Data Procedure for the Micro Channel[link]MCA 128-bit streaming
Aug 1992Write Lockout Mechanism to Provide Testability in a Free Running Counter Application[link]
Sep 1992Auxiliary Processor for Personal Computer Systems[link]
Sep 1992Realtime Field Replaceable Unit Isolation for Parity Errors[link]
Sep 1992Read Data Sensor for Micro Channel Personal Computers[link]
Sep 1992User Data Area Protection[link]sys. partition
Oct 1992Extended Micro Channel for Realtime Multimedia Applications[link]
Oct 1992High Performance Error Correction Code Implementation for Microprocessors[link]ECC
Oct 199232-Bit (ECC) Partial Write Data Conversion with a Cache Memory System[link]ECC
Oct 1992Method for Extending Advanced BIOS Feature ROM Services from the System Planar Advanced BIOS Modules[link]
Oct 1992Programmable Arbitration Level for Floppy Disk Controllers[link]
Oct 1992Setup Method for a Second Serial Port[link]POS
Nov 1992Computer State Machine Implementation of Subsystem Control Block Move Mode Logic Pseudo Code[link]SCB
Nov 1992Processor Option Cooling Kit for Personal Computers[link]T3, Model 90
Nov 1992Software Interface for Non-aligned Transfers[link]
Nov 1992Parallel Port Addressing for Personal Computers[link]
Nov 1992Mechanism for Reducing Component Module Pin Count in Personal Computers[link]
Nov 1992Burst Enable Bit for Floppy Disk Controllers [!][link]
Nov 1992Programmable Fairness Level for Floppy Disk Controllers[link]
Nov 1992Asynchronous Generation of DRAM Controls from Micro Channel Signals[link]
Nov 1992Fixed Disk Sharing via Small Computer System Interface Device Emulation through Compatibility BIOS[link]
Dec 1992Multiple Micro Channels[link]
Dec 1992Remote Program Load of a Diskless Initial Microcode Load Computer System[link]RPL
Dec 1992Processor Detection Circuit[link]
Dec 1992Modular System Partition[link]IML
Dec 1992Task Switching between Processes using the Sequencer[link]
Dec 1992Enhanced Memory FIFO Buffer[link]
Dec 1992Programmable Identification Scheme [!][link]POS


DateTitleIP.comSubject, Notes
Jan 1993Automated Microcode Sequence Checks[link]
Jan 1993Programmable Arbitration Interface Permits to Configure Pins Two Ways[link]
Jan 1993Diskette Operational Selection Methods for Personal Computers[link]
Jan 1993Enhanced Arbitration Method for Personal Computers[link]
Jan 1993Self Prioritizing Multi-dropped Interrupt Acknowledge Mechanism[link]
Feb 1993Method for Setting C2 Security Bit[link]C2
Mar 1993Memory Expansion Card Parity with an Error Correction Code Switch [!][link]ECC
Apr 1993Flexible Multiple Touch Screen Interface[link]
Apr 1993Supervisor Password Access to System Partition on Initial Microprogram Load Machines[link]IML
Apr 1993Non-Processor Based Zero Waitstate MICRO CHANNEL Bus Master State Machine[link]
May 1993Arbitration Level Program for Personal Computers[link]
May 1993Expansion Unit Setup for MICRO CHANNEL/EISA System[link]
May 1993Readable Address Location in Real Time Clock to Lock Security System Flags for Personal Computers [!][link]C2
May 1993Diagnostic Capability for Tag RAMS[link]
May 1993Digitally Controlled Signal Loading[link]
Jun 1993Interrupt Mechanism for Optimizing Data and Control Data Transfers[link]
Jun 1993Micro-Channel Shorts Detector[link]
Jun 1993Across-the-Bus Testing of Adapter Functions during Intitial Program Load[link]
Jun 1993Smart Burst - Dual Bus Control for Improved Personal Computer Performance[link]
Jun 1993Micro Channel Buffer Card Tester[link]
Jun 1993Auto-Bios Image Configurator [!][link]
Jun 1993Micro Channel Adapter Daughter Card Location Detection[link]
Jun 1993Micro Channel Buffer Card[link]
Jul 1993Power on Self Test Display Card[link]
Aug 1993Provision for an Abortee Micro Channel Cycle[link]
Aug 1993Parity Error Address Display Card[link]
Aug 1993Dynamic Reconfiguring of Personal Computer Systems After Accidental Exchange of Adapter Position in the Micro Channel[link]POS
Aug 1993Enhanced Reference Diskette for Personal Computers [!][link]
Aug 1993Processor Synchronization Circuitry for Computer Systems[link]
Aug 1993Interleaved Memory Dual Bus Data Selector [!][link]
Aug 1993Error Correction Circuitry for Dynamic Random Access Memories[link]ECC
Sep 1993Overwrite Protection Method for FLASH Memory[link]flash
Sep 1993Concurrent Operation of Local and Micro Channel Busses[link]
Sep 1993Controlling Computer Processor Initialization[link]
Sep 1993Generation of Extended Processor Identification Bits [!][link]
Sep 1993Dual-Speed Memory Controller[link]
Sep 1993Memory Configuration Table [!][link]
Sep 1993Overlapped Extended Graphic Adapter Block Transfer for Personal Computers[link]
Sep 1993Method for Storing and Updating Power on Self Test and Basic Input/Output Code[link]
Sep 1993Advanced Setup Procedure [!][link]
Sep 1993BIOS Function Call to Set Model Byte[link]
Sep 1993Cache Tag RAM Diagnostic Mode[link]
Sep 1993Adapter Card Operating Mode is Dependent on Bus Master Identification[link]
Sep 1993Initial Machine Load Process for Personal Computer Network Systems[link]IML
Sep 1993Enhancements for Adapter Description File Language[link]ADF
Sep 1993Model Byte Change by Means of the Setup Utility Program[link]
Sep 1993Integrated Controller with Fine-Tuned Memory Timings[link]
Oct 1993Programmable Driver Current Interface for Personal Computer Systems [!][link]
Oct 1993Support of Multiple initial Microcode Load Images on Personal Computer Reference Diskettes[link]IML
Oct 1993Reference Partition Location and Manipulation Utility[link]IML
Oct 1993MICRO CHANNEL Data Streaming and Input/Output Snooping Facility for Personal Computer Systems[link]
Oct 1993Staggered Refresh Memory for Personal Computer Systems[link]
Oct 1993Method of Providing a Memory-to-Memory Transfer Burst Control for Personal Computers[link]
Oct 1993Bus Allocation Algorithm for Personal Computers[link]
Oct 1993Error Reporting for Potentially Used Functions of a Multi-Function Chip[link]
Oct 1993Memory Presence Circuit for a Processor Complex[link]
Oct 1993Prefetching Cache in a Parallel Cache Architecture[link]
Oct 1993Method Of Providing A Programmable Arbitration Level Per Memory Channel For Personal Computers[link]
Oct 1993Method of Providing Soft Request Arbitration for Personal Computers[link]
Oct 1993Dynamic Clock Phase Shifter for Logic Delay Tracking[link]
Oct 1993Method of Providing Local Arbitration Control for Personal Computers[link]
Nov 1993Error Correction Circuit with Fast Pass through in Parity Mode[link]ECC
Nov 199332-Bit Free Running Diagnostic Timer[link]
Nov 1993Initial Program Load from a Generic Device for Personal Computer Systems[link]IPL, IML
Nov 1993Diagnostic Port for Computer Feature Cards [!][link]
Nov 1993Message Passing Protocol for Personal Computer Systems[link]
Dec 1993Enhanced Streaming Data Procedure for the MICRO CHANNEL[link]MCA 160 MB/s streaming
Dec 1993MICRO CHANNEL Verification Laboratory Tool[link]
Dec 1993Method of Accessing Uniquely Identically Addressed Input/Output Ports[link]POS
Dec 1993Low Cost Electro Magnetic Interference Interface Shield for Low Production Computers[link]


DateTitleIP.comSubject, Notes
Jan 1994High-Speed Data Streaming for Existing Personal Computers[link]
Jan 1994Switchable Mapping of I/O Card Registers into I/O or Memory Space[link]
Jan 1994Source Identification Register for Personal Computers[link]SCB
Jan 1994Micro Channel Programmable Option to Improve Channel Bandwidth[link]
Jan 1994Storage of Vital Product Data in Non-Volatile Random Access Memory[link]VPD
Jan 1994Two-Stage Microcode Support using Flash EEPROMS [!][link]flash
Feb 1994Parity Checking of Synchronous Bus Control Signals[link]
Feb 1994Read-Only Memory Recovery in a System with Initial Microcode Load [!][link]IML, flash?
Feb 1994Using Dual and Mappable Spare Bus[link]
Feb 1994Secondary Cache Daughterboard Assembly for 486/386-Based Personal Computers[link]
Feb 1994Power On Self Test Error Filter for High-Availability Servers[link]POST
Feb 1994SCSI Device Auto-Sensing for On-Board SCSI Interface Sub-System[link]
Feb 1994Cache Memory Data Bus to System Bus Interface [!][link]
Feb 1994PS/2 Option Card Testing[link]
Mar 1994Power-On Self-Test Memory Configuration Algorithm for Invalid CMOS/ NVRAM[link]POST
Mar 1994Fast, Expandable Multi-Word, Multi-Bit Magnitude Comparator[link]
Apr 1994Automatic Circular Remote Initial Program Load through Multiple Token Ring Adapter Cards[link]
Apr 1994Printed Circuit Board Bracket for PS/2 Adapter Cards[link]
Apr 1994Method for Accessing Non-Bursting Regions in Local Bus Address Space without Pre-Fetching[link]
Apr 1994Interleaved Dual-Port VRAM for High-Speed Communication[link]
Apr 1994Graphical Indicators of Power-on Self-Test Progression[link]POST
Apr 1994High Speed Arbitration for Multi-Drop, DOT-OR Networks[link]
Apr 1994Extended Stream Data Procedure for the MICRO CHANNEL[link]MCA 320 MB/s streaming
Apr 1994System Independent Method for Updating System Code[link]IML, flash upd., Int 15 D7h
Apr 1994Selectively Execute RAMPOST during Initial-Power-Load[link]
Apr 1994Resetting the Micro Channel Architecture Arbitration Time Dynamically using Lookahead[link]
Apr 1994128 Bit Streaming Data Procedure for the Micro Channel[link]
May 1994Connector with Alternate Staggered Contacts for Hot Pluggability[link]
May 1994Mechanism for Communication between an Exerciser and Adapter Microcode[link]MWAVE
May 1994Improvement of a Frame Ground Contact Between a System and Micro Channel Architecture Adapter[link]
May 1994Multi-Task Approach to Downloading Microcode Modules[link]
May 1994Comprehensive Data Parity Protection for Personal Computers[link]
May 1994Identification of Failing Bus Master[link]SCB
Jun 1994Method for Driving Excessively Loaded Master/Slave-Type Busses[link]
Jun 1994Method to Allow the Sharing of I/O Port Addresses between a Floppy Disk Controller and an IDE Hardfile Controller within an IBM PS/2 Micro Channel System[link]
Jun 1994Loosely Coupled Multi-Processing Method for Personal Computers[link]MicroMASTER
Jun 1994Enhanced Method for Determining Personal Computer System Configuration[link]BIOS, VPD
Jun 1994Microcode Image Name Specification [!][link]IML, flash
Jun 1994Dynamic Update Capability Determining Planar Board Features [!][link]POS
Jun 1994Error Detection and Correction on the Micro Channel Bus[link]
Jun 1994Micro Channel Signal Drivers Isolation in Personal Computers[link]
Jun 1994Device ID Extensions in Post Error Logging[link]
Jun 1994Controlling Jitter Of Multimedia Data through Hardware Threshholding[link]
Jun 1994Scheme to Interface Various Vendor External Microwire Compatible EEPROMs to a C2 Security Controller[link]C2
Jun 1994Information Display for Personal Computer System Messages[link]PC Server Op Panel
Jun 1994Micro Channel Enhancements for Personal Computers[link]
Jun 1994Basic Input/Output Services (BIOS) Generic Call for Personal Computers [!][link]BIOS Int 15 3Dh
Jun 1994Method for Interrupt Sharing with IDE Hard Files in IBM PS/2 Systems[link]
Jul 1994Personal Computer Processor Upgrading [!][link]
Jul 1994Automatic IPL Drive Switch [!][link]
Jul 1994Initialization Data Feedback Method for Personal Computers[link]initprogs
Jul 1994Partial Memory Bank Usage for Personal Computers[link]
Jul 1994Configuring Personal Computers for Medialess Operation[link]IML
Jul 1994Software Simulation of the Asynchronous Communications Port[link]
Jul 1994Clock Mode for Reading Memory[link]
Jul 1994Method of Testing Personal Computer Using a Static Random Access Memory[link]POST
Jul 1994Displaying Planar-Defined Messages on Personal Computers[link]ADP
Jul 1994Asynchronous Low-Level Management Functions[link]
Jul 1994RAM Filter to Avoid Interrupt Chaining through ROM[link]
Jul 1994Method for Adding an External Real Time Clock to a System Having an Internal Real Time Clock[link]
Jul 1994Common BIOS Services for Vital Product Data in Personal Systems[link]VPD, BIOS Int 15 D2h
Jul 1994Using Split Memory to Back-Up System Memory[link]
Jul 1994Multiple Memory Refresh Operation for Personal Computers[link]
Jul 1994Post Support for Manufacturing Medialess Machines[link]POST
Jul 1994Protecting CMOS Circuits in a 3- and 5-Volt Mixed Signal Environment[link]
Aug 1994Method of Sharing Interrupt Bus in Personal Computers[link]
Aug 1994Restoration of Micro Channel Control Signals during Arbitration[link]
Aug 1994Personal Computer Comprehensive Testing for FastInitial Program Load[link]
Aug 1994Cache Line Operations Overlapped with Micro Channel Arbitration[link]
Aug 1994Micro Channel Point of Sale Bit Capture with Programmable Array Logic and Latch[link]POS (not Point of Sale)
Aug 1994Functional Test Executing Actual Microprocessor Code [!][link]
Aug 1994Power-On Oscillator Control Circuit [!][link]
Aug 1994Method to Extend Personal Computer System Memory [!][link]Type 4 complex
Aug 1994Uninterrupted Multiple Bus Cycle Transfer Mechanism for Computer Systems[link]
Aug 1994Selectable Power-On Self-Test Modes[link]
Aug 1994Interface for Writing Subaddressing Data to Non-Volatile Random Access Memory through Setup[link]
Aug 1994Method to Improve Initial Microcode Loading for Personal Computers[link]IML
Aug 1994Circuit for Programmable Option Select Register that Configures Chip I/O Pins[link]POS
Aug 1994Direct Access Storage Device/Small Computer Systems Interface Device Support for OS/2[link]
Aug 1994Error Correction Code Detection with All Memory Outputs Stuck High or Low[link]ECC
Aug 1994Remote Operation of Power-On Self Test and the Reference Partition[link]POST
Sep 1994Enhanced Memory Error Handling Method for Personal Computers[link]POST
Sep 1994Locate Mode Device Driver Interface Structure for Micro Channel Based Personal Computers[link]SCB
Sep 1994Operational Surveillance Function[link]
Sep 1994Flexible Password Protection Scheme for a C2 Security/Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory Controller [!][link]C2
Sep 1994Determination of Excessive Single-Bit Errors[link]
Sep 1994Interconnect Verification Method for Boards [!][link]Processor Complex
Sep 1994Automatic Auto-Configuration Enable/Disable for Personal Computers[link]
Sep 1994Software for Exercising and Analyzing XGA Video Circuits[link]
Sep 1994Full Duplex Ethernet Adapter[link]
Sep 1994Swapping Failing Bits in 40-Pin Error Correcting SIMMS[link]ECC
Sep 1994Method for Increasing the Number of Micro Channel Arbitration Levels[link]
Sep 1994Method Allowing Small Computer System Interface Adapters to Coexist with Other Hardfile Adapters [!][link]
Oct 1994Initial Microcode Load Overlay Execution for Personal Computers[link]IML
Oct 1994Adapter Microcode Protection during Download[link]
Oct 1994Bypassing Acknowledgement of Post Error[link]
Oct 1994Diagnostic Cache Scratchpad Mode for Testing Personal Computers[link]
Oct 1994Search Initial Microcode Load Execution during PS/2 Post[link]IML
Oct 1994Method and Interface to Return from any Default Interrupt for Personal Systems[link]BIOS Int 15 FDh
Oct 1994Adapter Developer Diskette with Selective File Copying Feature[link]
Oct 1994Monitoring Method for Micro Channel Personal Computers[link]
Oct 1994Information Log Display Utility for Personal Computers[link]
Oct 1994Combined Status and Message-In Function for Small Computer System Interface[link]
Oct 1994Permanent Error Log in an Adapter Card[link]
Oct 1994Memory Remap Determination Method for Personal Computers[link]ADP
Nov 1994Serial Diagnostic Link for PS/2 Model 95 Processor Cards[link]
Nov 1994Improved Cache Performance for Personal Computers[link]
Nov 1994Card Feedback Select Mechanism for Personal Computers[link]
Nov 1994Micro Channel Master State Machine Employing an Unknown Clock[link]
Nov 1994Display Mode Detect and Setting for Flat Panel Controller[link]
Nov 1994Microprocessor Dual Usage Socket [!][link]
Nov 1994Address Space Visibility for a Multiple Bank Firmware Computer System[link]
Dec 1994Concurrent/Real Time Arbitration Utilization Circuit[link]
Dec 1994Detection Mechanism between 386 or 486 Upgrade Processor Unit[link]
Dec 1994Method to Achieve Software-Transparency of PC-Bus Expansion Link during the PC Power-on-Self-Test Sequence[link]
Dec 1994Performance Tuning for the Power-On Self Test[link]single-stage POST
Dec 1994Memory Adapter Improvements for Personal Computers[link]
Dec 1994486 L2 Write-through Cache Support in a Local Bus Multiprocessor System[link]


DateTitleIP.comSubject, Notes
Jan 1995Automatic Loading of User Selected Fonts During Power On Self Test [!][link]POST
Jan 1995Power-On Self-Test and Diagnostics Functions for Sixteen Bit Wide Small Computer System Interface Personal Computers[link]
Jan 1995Support in POST and SETUP for Automatically Setting Extra Video Memory[link]POST ?
Feb 1995Support Assembly for Riser Card and Adapter Cards[link]
Feb 1995Data Structures for Storing Subaddress Information[link]POS
Feb 1995Power Management Solution[link]
Mar 1995Liquid Crystal Display Support Bus for XGA Adapters[link]
Mar 1995Storing and Displaying Text Messages during Power-on Self Test [!][link]POST
Mar 1995Diagnostic Method for a Buffered Remote Interface[link]
Mar 1995Bus Arbitration on the Integrated Command Data Bus for an Asynchronous Transfer Mode Adapter Adapter[link]
Apr 1995Dual Bidirectional Interposer[link]
Apr 1995Micro Channel Architecture for Real-Time Multimedia[link]
Apr 1995Card Edge Connector Card Retainer[link]
May 1995Method for Determining Available Free Memory[link]BIOS Int 15 C7h
Jun 1995Optimization of Logical Drive Parameters based on Drive Size[link]
Jul 1995Recovery Method for Damaged Firmware[link]flash
Aug 1995Input/Output Test Circuit[link]
Aug 1995Method for Switching between Power-On and Standby Modes[link]
Aug 1995Method for Enabling Video Monitor Operation at International Standards Organization-Compliant Refresh Rates[link]
Sep 1995Selectable Processor Voltage Feature[link]
Sep 1995Method for Providing Digital to Analog Converter Shadowing on Micro Channel Systems[link]
Sep 1995Packetized Peer-to-Peer Bus Transfer[link]
Oct 1995Programmable Memory Fault Injection [!][link]
Oct 1995Resource Management for Non-Micro Channel DMA Masters[link]
Oct 1995Custom Device Installation[link]AIX
Nov 1995Auto Media Sense [?][link]

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