XC 6250 Planar

XC 6250 133MHz Planar, Top

DS1685-87.pdf Dallas is DS-1685E-3 3-Volt/5-Volt Real Time Clock
PLCC is 82-0026-002 
Thermal is the header for the thermal sensor over the Pentium 133 CPU
133 is Pentium 133MHz tape mounted CPU
P8XC592_3.pdf P83C592; 8-bit microcontroller with on-chip CAN

2051 PCI-based System Single Chip Notebook Solution Supports burst, pipeline burst and standard SRAM, EDO DRAM, Mobile PC/PCI, advanced power management, integrated PS/2 KB and Mouse.
CL-PD6730 is a 32-bit PCI to PC Card controller with serial interrupt and serial power interface. All double socket host adapters support the emerging Zoomed Video standard.
CLPD6701 Interrupt Deserializer

16MB Memory Chip X59-0135-002
  J101 is the reverse of a PGA-like header.
   Top and bottom of this chip have 4 SEC KM48V2104BS-L6

XC 6250 133MHz Planar, Bottom

Chips 65548 Video Controller Chips & Technologies 655xx video chips
Asiliant Technologies is the new home for the C&T family of Flat-Panel/CRT Display Controllers. (Intel bought C&T, sold the 655xx chips to Asiliant)

Win3.x/95/NT4/OS2 Drivers Scroll down to 65545, 65548, 65546 PCI BUS

PC87334.pdf PC87334 3.3V/5V SuperI/O with Floppy Disk Controller, Dual UARTS, Infrared, IEEE 1284 Parallel Port and IDE [Discontinued]

VersaPoint "keyboard-joystick" technology VersaPoint Pressure Pointing Technology from Interlink Electronics
vpoint40.exe  I -THINK- that these are the drivers, dunno.

33.6K Modem / Power Conditioner

J103 To Battery Contact PCB
J102 Power Header to Planar
J701 2 wires to ??
J105 To Radio J102
J601 To RJ-11 Ext Port
J702 Speaker Port
J104 DC Jack PCB

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