Hypertec Hyperam 50/60

@7017.ADF Hypertec RAM50/60
   EMS I/O address choices, memory window choices
@7017.ADF Hypertec RAM50/60
   Fixed resources only

Hypertec Hyperam 50/60 Install Disk (zipped files only)

Hypertec Hyperam 50/60 User's Manual 1/3
Hypertec Hyperam 50/60 User's Manual 2/3
Hypertec Hyperam 50/60 User's Manual 3/3

Hypertec Hyperam 50/60
Installing ZIP Memory

Install disk and manual thx to Moussa!

Hypertec Hyperam 50/60 (2 MB version shown) [P]

BANKxx Sockets for ZIP DRAM
DL AD14AA200 200 ns delay line
U15-17 CY2149-35PC 1Kx4 SRAM

The rest of the board is populated with 74xx logic and PALs. No ASICs.

The layout of the 8 MB board appears to be largely identical to the 2 MB variant, aside from the different DRAM sockets (20-pin vs 16-pin) and one additional DIP IC next to the delay line.

Installing ZIP Memory

Two versions of the adapter exist — a 2 MB and 8 MB:

  • 2 MB version [@7057?] has 16-pin ZIP sockets and uses 256Kx1 ZIP DRAM chips (M5M4256AL-10 or compatible) for 512 KB, 1 MB, or 2 MB total.
  • 8 MB version [@7017?] has 20-pin ZIP sockets and uses 1 Mbit ZIP DRAM chips (type unknown) for 2 MB, 4 MB, or 8 MB total.

The used devices must be 120 ns or faster. You may use 100 ns chips (-10) but you will obtain no speed benefit.

Valid combinations:

  • One Bank Filled - [0H/0L]
  • Two Banks Filled - [0H/0L], [1H/1L]
  • Eight Banks Filled - [0H/0L], [1H/1L], [2H/2L], [3H/3L]

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