Intel Above Board 2

MCATST.exe Diagnostics disk, MS-DOS. Do not run IBM's diagnostic programs to test the Above Board's memory. (This includes the "Test the computer" option in the main menu of the Reference Diskette program.)
CHKMEM.exe This program reports the amount of conventional, extended and expanded memory present in a system.

Intel Above Board Support Pages (archived)
Intel Above Board - Installation Problems and Solutions

Above Board 2
SIMM Compatibility

Above Board 2

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SIMM Compatibility

Source: SIMMs For The Above Board 2

The following table lists the SIMMs that Intel has verified are compatible with the Above Board 2. The table lists both the part number on the module ("bottom side" of the module) and the part number on the DRAMs ("topside" of the module).

The Above Board 2 can only use 256 KB SIMMs.

ManufacturerModule Part Number
("Bottom side")
DRAM Part Number
FujitsuMB85227-xx MB85240-xx81256-xx 81C258-xx
Micron TechnologiesMT9259M-xxMT1259EJ-xx
Texas InstrumentsTM4256GU9-xx TM4256EU9-xxTMS4256FML TMS4256FML

"xx" = chip speed rating. "15" = 150 ns, "12" = 120 ns, "10 = 100 ns, etc.

Note: IBM SIMMs are not compatible with Above Boards.

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