Battery/Speaker Assembly

Models 50, 50Z, 60, 65 SX, 70, and 80

Parts and FRUs
Battery Type and Correct Orientation
Clear a Power-On Password
Removing the Assembly
Battery/Speaker Connector Pinout

Parts and FRUs

33F5950Battery/Speaker Assembly *
57F1437Battery/Speaker Assembly for 8565 **
72X8558Cable for Speaker Assembly

* The sticker on a spare assembly I've checked says: Assy No: 90X6878. And the small PCB has 90X6876 etched to it.

** Model 65 SX uses a pair of Dallas chips to implement the RTC/CMOS and NVRAM functionality. Each of these chips has its own internal battery, therefore a standalone battery isn't needed. The unit uses a "stripped down" version of the assembly, with no battery contacts and only a two-wire connection for the speaker.

Battery Type and Correct Orientation

The contacts on the battery point to the rear, where they press against the spring clips.

See the Battery Cross Reference for the correct battery type.

Clear a Power-On Password

Model 50, 60, 70, 80 Override Jumper

  1. Power-off computer and unplug power cord.
  2. Remove system-unit cover.
  3. If speaker assembly has pins, short pins 2 and 3 together.
  4. If speaker assembly does not have pins, insert meter lead into connector 1 and short other end of lead to frame ground.

With assembly shorted, power-on computer. This erases power-on password. Remove short after POST is finished.

When installed the jumper shorts the Clear POP pin to ground.

Removing the Assembly

Models 60, 65 SX, and 80

To remove the assembly, simply slide it towards the opened side of the case.

Models 50, 50Z, and 70

To remove the assembly, you have to first push the retaining clip at the bottom of the assembly inwards. If you have trouble finding the clip, refer to the following picture for its location (right over the orange crystal holder):

While pressing it in, push or pull the assembly up, away from the base of the machine. Please note, that in Models 50, 70 Type 1 and 70 25 MHz the assembly is also being held in by the card edge connector on the planar board.

Battery/Speaker Connector Pinout

Pin Header Connector (Models 50Z, 60, 70 Type 2 and 80)

6-pin header on the battery/speaker assembly PCB.

1Speaker Data4Not Connected
2Ground5Clear POP
3+6 V (Battery)6Not Connected

Card-Edge Connector (Models 50, 70 Type 1, 70 25 MHz)

6-pin card-edge connector on the planar board.

1Not Connected4Speaker Data
2Not Connected5Ground
3Clear POP6+6 V (Battery)

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