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Table of ThinkPad PCMCIA Host Controllers

Thinkpad ModelPCMCIA Controller
310TIPCI 1131
340Ricoh RF5C2661
350Intel 82365SL
355Ricoh RF5C266
360Ricoh RF5C366
365C/ERicoh RF5C596
365XRicoh RF5C366L
370CRicoh RF5C366L
380-385/D/E/EDCirrusLogic CL-PD6729
380-385/X/XD/ZTIPCI 1250A (CardBus)
390TIPCI 1250A (CardBus)
500Intel 82365SL
510Ricoh RF5C366
560/ECirrusLogic CLPD6729
560X/ZTIPCI 1250A (CardBus)
600TIPCI 1250A (CardBus)
600ETIPCI 1251 (CardBus)
701CirrusLogic CLPD6720
720IBM "Stinger" Micro Channel
710T-TPFIntel 82365SL (x2)
710T-HDDIntel 82365SL
730TCirrusLogic CLPD6710 & 6720
750Intel 82365SL
755C/CSRicoh RF5C266 (x2)
755CD/CE/CSE/CV/CXIBM "Zipang" (x3)
760C/CD/L/LDIBM "Zipang"
760E/ED/EL/ELD/X/XDTI CardBus PCI 1130
765D/LTI CardBus PCI 1130
770TI PCI 1250 (CardBus)
770E/XTI PCI 1250A (CardBus)
770ZTI PCI 1251 (CardBus)
1400O2Micro 6833
1720TI PCI1250A (CardBus)

Ricoh RF5C266 - 1 Slot Controller
   Rev. A can't use C0000 or D0000, Rev. B, C (Current) no restriction
Ricoh RF5C366 - 2 Slot Controller
   Rev. A can't use C0000 or D0000, Rev. B,C (Current) no restrictions
Ricoh RF5C366L - Low Profile version of RF5C366, same as RF5C366 Rev. C

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