Optical Wireless Mouse

Micro Innovations IBM Optical Wireless Scroll (31P6662) Mouse Product Review

31P6662 / 19K2001
This mouse was OEM'd by Micro Innovations. http://www.mic-innovations.com

RO07UO - IBM Optical Wheel Mouse Information and Software

W9x/NT/ME/XP Drivers version
31P6662 Installation Utility

This Wireless Mouse consists of two main parts: the first is the RF receiver, RO07UO, the second is the wireless mouse itself. The RF receiver is capable of either USB or PS/2 port operation. A USB to PS/2 adapter is included.

ID Mode Settings

Non-ID Mode (Default)
By default, your receiver operates in Non-ID Mode. To avoid interference with other devices, it is recommended that you leave your receiver in this mode.

ID Mode
If you are experiencing disturbances from other devices, you can switch to ID Mode. To switch to ID Mode, press the small black button located on the top of the receiver until the green light turns on. Then press the small black button located on the bottom of the mouse. The green light on the receiver will turn off several seconds after releasing the button on the mouse. ID mode is active.

Note: By replacing the batteries, your mouse will automatically revert to its default Non-ID Mode. You will need to repeat this procedure to continue using your mouse in ID Mode.

To return to Non-ID Mode from ID Mode, press the small black button located on the top of the receiver for approximately 5 seconds. The light will dim after releasing the button. When the light is dimmed, the receiver will return to Non-ID Mode.

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