MAD - Microchannel Addictive Disorder

Microchannel Addictive Disorder or Micro Channel Addictive Disorder (often abbreviated as MAD) is a common reaction to the discovery of a well designed series of computers, adapters, and matching peripherals based on IBM's Micro Channel Architecture, or MCA. Newcomers to MCA are filled with an urge to collect all known forms of MCA, sometimes including oddities such as the 5494, 5250 connection, and 3270 adapters. While relatively benign, instances of massive collection have been reported.

Cure: While MAD can never be fully removed, the urges to buy ever more quantities of MCA parts can be greatly reduced through the daily use of MCA equipment. Over a period of months, the unspeakable desire will be reduced to a manageable level.

Research is on-going here at the Ardent Tool MAD Center in order to determine the long term effects of low levels of MAD upon the brain. No discernible results have been shown, but if you believe in "Global Warming" (hasn't been proven yet, nor will it), you'd better send all your MCA stuff to me, just in case. Remember, it's "for the children".

Disclaimer: The use of an image of an actor from the TV show "Marcus Welby, MD" does not mean in any way that MAD is recognized by the AMA or other medical bodies. Oh, and you shouldn't take anything on this page too seriously...

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